LinkStuff – Good Samaritan Edition

Every once in a while I like to highlight something positive that someone has done.  Last year I wrote about the nice guy who didn’t get mad when my son ran a shopping cart into his car at Canadian Tire and now I have another story.

This week, I tried out a new pannier (bike bag) in which I can carry various things, such as lunch, to and from work.  The pannier attaches to a rack which is installed over the rear wheel of my bike.  It worked great on my commute to work, but when I got home from work, I noticed a problem – the bag was gone. 

It was on the bike when I left work, but fell off somewhere along the way home.  This was a problem – I had a brand new lock in the bag, my keys and two movies which I had gotten from the library.  The lock was about $100, the car key would have been expensive to replace and I suspect replacing two library DVDs wouldn’t be cheap either.

I rode back to work on the same route, but didn’t see the bag anywhere.  Fortunately, I checked my phone and my wife had called to say that some nice fellow cyclist had picked up the bag and dropped it off at a nearby library.  Because of the movies, the librarian was able to determine who the bag belonged to and called my house.  I picked up the bag right away, so it was only out of my possession for about 45 minutes.

So thanks a lot to the nice lady who recovered my bike bag – you saved me a lot of money and hassle.

On with the links

Americans have enjoyed depositing their checks by taking a picture with their smart phone and emailing the photo to their bank.  Now Canadians will be able to enjoy this as well.  I can’t wait.

 SheBloggs had an interesting story about how some people are snobs when it comes to starting their own business.  One thing the article doesn’t point out is that if you have a bit of cash flow, you can start a business without doing any of the grunt work yourself.

 The Oblivious Investor has the perfect investment philosophy when he says A “Good Enough” portfolio really is good enough.

Michael James nails an investment “guru” for his poor investment advice.

Boomer & Echo had an interesting comment on Home Equity Line of Credit – Friend or Foe? I call my HELOC a good friend.

Canadian Mortgage Trends highlighted the absurd scenario where the Finance Minister is telling big banks to raise their rates.

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I liked the article about the woman starting her own house cleaning business. Definitely an interesting proposition and amazing she turned it into practically an overnight success!

I like the feel-good samaritan posts. Too much negativity in the news these days make it much more important to hear there’s still good in the world. Keep ’em coming!

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