Monday LinkStuff – US Election Roundup

The Americans finally concluded their 28 year election campaign and actually had an election!  Yay, it’s over!!

A great post from one side of the election:  The Wisdom Journal tells exactly how he feels – although he’s not happy Obama got elected, he’s more than willing to live with it.

And from the other side – The Good Human (an excellent environmental blog) presents President Barack Obama.


Weight is 180.5 pounds – not great but not bad.  I rode by bike to work four times last week and went jogging twice – I had to take advantage of the great weather!

Rest of the links

One Caveman wrote a very good post on networth called I was wrong – Networth doesn’t matter.  I definitely agree with this one, although I would say that long term networth has some meaning.  Short term fluctuations mean nothing however.

The Financial Blogger says don’t sell your stocks!  I couldn’t agree more.

Million Dollar Journey wrote about reverse mortgages.  I don’t really see what the problem with these are, but I guess you have to watch the fees (like everything else in life).

Cash Money Life talks about the worst airline fees.  I’d say their main ticket price is the worst fee – everything after that is a minor inconvenience.

Where Does All My Money Go had an interesting post on gasoline prices in Canada vs US.  We definitely pay a lot more than our American friends for gas which doesn’t explain all the extra complaining they do about it!! 🙂

Squawkfox asked what 3 things you bought and never used?  Do fruits and vegetables count?

Canadian Capitalist reports that John Bogle says equities will return 10% over the next 10 years.  Sounds good to me!

SVB of The Digerati Life which is an interesting blog in itself started a new consumer-oriented site called The Smarter Wallet.  This site promises money tips, consumer news and product reviews to improve your finances!

PFN and stuff

Money Ning, who just went full-time pro-blogger, explains what his parents taught him about personal finance.

Clever Dude asks will America will lose its superpower status?

Blunt Money warns against credit repair agencies.

The Intelligent Speculator has some ways to speculate on oil.

Investing School explains what makes stock prices go up or down.  He doesn’t mention anything about predicting stock price movements however…

ABCs of Investing wrote about balanced mutual funds and investment diversification.


Free From Broke did a great job hosting the Halloween edition of the Money Hack’s carnival.

The Sun’s Financial Diary hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #177.

Living At Large hosted the Carnival of Money Hacks – great job!

10 replies on “Monday LinkStuff – US Election Roundup”

Ah, I’m not too concerned with the main ticket price. My gripe comes from hearing the ticket will cost $250, but by the time all taxes and fees are taken into account, you spend $350. (not even including in flight extras, changes to itinerary, etc.).

Thanks for the mention. 🙂

That was only 28 years? Wow, I thought I had tuned 70 last week. Amazing how long it goes on. I think the campaign for 2012 starts in December, so get ready. 🙂

Yeah, it was a long cycle, but we’re already getting geared up for the next one! My clothes actually went out of style AND BACK IN during this election cycle. It really WAS that long! (my kids say I’m still out of style though!)

I’ll admit I’m a US politics junkie (especially this year) but I think I would kill myself if I had to watch Stephen Harper and his cardigans on tv for as long as the US election season lasts.

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