Saturday Weigh In and Links

Green Dragon Potato


Weight this morning was 180 pounds. I made my goal of 182 pounds last week so the next challenge is to try to get to 175 pounds. Onward and downward!!

Unhappy unsubscriber

I got a pretty good laugh this week when one of my email subscribers decided to unsubscribe from the feed. When this happens (rarely) I get an email notification. Along with the notification I got another email from the unsubscriber himself who returned the post email (which was on weekly mortgage payments) with the following message (I added the “*”s):

What’s wrong with paying mortgage off faster. F*** off you dumb, fat, f***ing pig.

Of all the posts we’ve done I thought that one was least likely to make someone go off the deep end but I guess you never know! 🙂

Some links!

Million Dollar Journey had a very interesting post on his future home gym which generated quite a discussion in the comments.

Moolanomy had a question and answer post with Larry Swedroe who is a financial advisor. My question on currency hedging for Canadians was answered and I thought the answer was definitely worth reading. He also had an interesting post about how mutual fund investors can inadvertently pay for other investor’s taxes.

Cash For Life hosted the Carnival of Frugality this week. I don’t normally read this carnival but I’m glad I did this week. Early Retirement Extreme had a post on why you should get a push mower to save money. I say you should get a push mower because it’s good exercise! Stop the ride had a great post on 13 Ways To Use Dryer Lint. Yes, DRYER LINT!! Check out the link at #6 if you want to learn how to make lint paper mache animals – great for Xmas gifts or to decorate the house! 🙂

This week my post Shooting Down Goals was in the Carnival of Financial Goals hosted by which had a really cute theme.

Mr. Cheap’s popular post on how to calculate (or at least estimate) your Entertainment Return On Investment was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Green Dragon Potato

And last but certainly not least – the photo you see at the top is what I call “Green Dragon Potato” and my wife made them for dinner last night. It’s not sushi but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper!

13 replies on “Saturday Weigh In and Links”

Hey Mike,

Very funny post!

By the way, we have the same dinnerware as you guys (martha stewart collection)….


That e-mail is hilarious. I work at a newspaper where we get our fair share of hate mail, but the “fat” comment is what truly makes that one for the ages. It’s like, he hung around long enough to collect info on what’s happening in your life and then threw it back.

“Go to hell, you low-life, fertile, home-owning indexer…”

And that potato looks delicious.

I agree with Frugal Trader. Negative feedback is the sign of a growing blog! Congrats on your contiued success. 🙂

(and thanks for mentioning the FoF!)

#1 I want to eat your dinosaur potato.
#2 I find hate mail amusing. I’ve only received one. No profanity, but I was told I was a sell-out.
#3 Still want that potato!

Thanks Patrick.

MG – waiting around really blows!

SD – the potato dinosaur was pretty good.
you have to cut the neck/head and the tail. Fried mushrooms for the feet. Tuna + salsa to fill in the potato, green peppers for the fins (or whatever those things are called) and glorious melted cheese on top.


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