Social Security Stimulus Check 2010 – FAQ

When will the $250 Social Security stimulus check be mailed?

This is not known at this time but if the bill passes Congress then it is expected that the checks will be mailed sometime in the first quarter of 2010.

Will Social Security Payments Be Paid If United States Defaults On Debt?

Will there be a stimulus check in 2010

Yes, there will be a $250 stimulus check for social security recipients as well as a $250 stimulus check for SSI recipients as well.

How much is the 2010 Social Security raise?

Unfortunately because inflation was so low in 2009 there is no cost of living increase or “raise” in the Social Security payments for 2010.  This has however given rise to the $250 Social Security stimulus check which will be payable in 2010.

Will seniors get the $250 stimulus check?

You have to be receiving Social Security, SSI and a few other select criteria in order to receive the check.

What should I do with my $250 check?

There are many options for this money.  Admittedly it’s not a huge pile of cash but every little bit counts!

  • Reduce debt – If you have any outstanding credit card debt or personal debts then $250 would probably help to pay it down.
  • Buy something – Need some new clothes or want to buy an consumer item?  If your finances allow this then the $250 can be used for that.
  • Donate it – If you don’t need the money then give it to someone who really needs it.  A charity, relative or friend would probably really appreciated the cash.

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Will there be a stimulus check in 2010?]

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients?

Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011 for SSI Recipients?

2011 Social Security No Cost of living adjustment

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Last week I read 2 artiles which stated that seniors and the disabled would be getting the 250.00 checks in Conn. They promised that those who fall intothe “donut hole” will be getting the checks this month. Does anyone happen to have any other information on this? I doubt the Hartford courant could publish TWO articles on that if it were not true?. Any fedback on this information? Thanks.

why are you upset about not getting the “free” $250. Do you REALLY believe it is free “government” money. Where does the government get its money… FROM TAXES…so all you freeloaders who live off of SSI and the government, all you are doing is making taxes go up and putting a burden on your fellow americans. Get a job, or if you are TRULY disabled, then appreciate what you have and stop begging for more.

JB…How dare you ! Unless you ever have to walk in our shoes for even just one day, hen maybe you would understand what we go through even just a little. You are obviously just an opinionated jerk, who has nothing better to do with their time then to insult the elderly and the disabled ! NO one is begging for a free hand out, just looking for a little more help. When the government(OBAMA) squandered so much money on the big corporations in the bail outs, I am sure you were just fine with that though weren’t you? How did it make any sense to bail out the car industries, when the American people are losing jobs left and right, and having a hard time finding new jobs, SSI and disability people didn’t get the COLA for 2010…soooo…. just WHO is going to buy all these cars made ?? Yes, what the governament needs to do is help the “little people” MORE. I am willing to bet you didn’t have one gripe the year YOU got a stimulus check now did you??(that is of course you are even old enough to work, and not just some loud mouth kid running off at the mouth) you can Kiss my a$$ with your opinion !!

will i get a stimulus check i am on social security. i did not get acheck for 2009 iwas told that it went to my job witch i was not working in2009.thank you marlene johnson what happen to that check ?

has anyone got thir check yet let me know thay were to go out thurs i am in huntington wva i have not got my yet.

Kay they say June Thur august when people get the stimulus check for 250 dollars and they all be sent out

Just wanted to FYI everyone – my 27 yr. old son – finally approved after 2 years of waiting, recieved a letter in the mail Monday, June 21st (saying the $250.00 would be in his account within 30 days) – and a $250.00 stimulus check into his account Tuesday, June 22, 2010.
Good luck to everone!
My parents, on Social Security, have yet to recieve a letter or anything.
Doesn’t make much sense – since their SS numbers all fall within same numerical breakdowns, but we’ll see.

Hope this helps someone – keep the faith!

bettyanne, nobody has gotten any letters yet. where u from? i was told no 250 this year.

please mr. congress vote yes we are suffering we need please we are losing our homes and we have childrens to please help us we need that $250.00 to help out please pass the bill GOD are at what u’ll doing to his people. or president obama do something for us don’t we are going to get the stimulate checks and we get our hope up will someone help us please

im really sick and tired of people thinking that those of us who live on social security are free loaders. there is one thing you forget about. most of us have had jobs but could not keep them and also we still pay our taxes with every single purchase we make. do you even know what it is like to try to get a job with say epilepsy or even a muscular disease or child onset diabetes or even to be a retired war veteran whose only source of income for a period of time is donating plasma? you got to remember that alot of the people who live on social security busted there butt probably more than you ever did and you call them freeloaders. you should really go after those who are truly greedy instead of going after those who like myself wish they had a better financial life but have yet to be able to improve on it.

Will people receiving Social Security Disability receive the$250 stimulas check? I have been receiving SSD for 4 years and I will be 65 in September, 2010.

If we are getting the 250$ check,thn any one whom is receiving benefits(disability or otherwise) would be receiving the stimulus check but only one check per person wll be issued

ill tell you what realy gets me,the fact president obama actualy had the gall to state we would be getting these $250 checks taking our living raises away for 2 YEARS!!! and not having the nuts to come out and just say he made a mistake(oh of course he would never own up to lying)the man ignores his own statement,i have heard zero comment from him since he told us we would get that money,if there is anything i hate worse than a mistake its a FRIKKEN LIAR!ive never disliked a president in my life until months into this mans presidency,hell bill clinton would have addressed this issue months ago rather than leaving millions of people with their hands out and hopes up,at least instead of depending upon his bs word some could have been prepared to do without the money rather than the other way around,americans will have to be crazy to vote this man to a second term,it seems he may be one of if not the worst president of all time.thanks for your timely statements mr. obama ,enjoy your prime rib on the taxpayers dollar and dont choke on the bones.

i agree with you 100% george h…….i’ve said the same thing…he is the worst president we’ve ever had!!!!!! i’m glad i didn’t vote for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!



to the hardheads who continu7e to ask when the checks are coming read my lips,WAKE UP MORONS OBAMA LIED TO US, THE MONEY HAS BEEN VOTED ON BY GOVERMENT AND THE ANSWER IS THERE IS NO CHECK! NO CHECK,SAY THAT OVER AND OVER AND LET IT SINK IN,and the shame is,no one has to answer to this lie,obama cannot be sued for his false statements nor imprisoned for basicaly inciting riots,tghe only thing we can do is make sure his time in office is a quick couple more years and out and find someone who cares about the old and disabled,the way these polititions talk about us and social security,the more i think they would support nazi euthanasia programs to execute us because of the unfortunate lot dealt us in life as long as they could get their grubby little hands on the money i earned and contributed to for the day i may need it. s.o.b. liars theives and hypocrites realy piss me off.OBAMA WHERE IS OUR DAMN MONEY? IN IRAQ? IN ISREAL? IN SOMALIA? GRENADA? VIETNAM? WTF?!?

I work as at a law firm helping people get SSD/SSI, and our clients have already started to receive this $250 check… so It is coming.

so when r the people going to be getting there $250.00 stimulus checks,,,,,,,,alot of us can really use the money wright about now

Ok let me sum this up for everyone. I am not sure what part of no one is getting a stimulus check this year, that everyone doesn’t understand. There is a check being sent out, yes, but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT a stimulus check. Not all of us will get one. This check is sent to those people who have Medicare, and reach the donut hole(The amount you meet in paying for medications) THAT is the ONLY check is coming. SO, if you have a secondary along with your Medicare, Like Medicaid, that helps pay for your medications at a reduced co-pay, then it is very likely that you will not ever reach the donut hole amount all year. For those of you who do not have a secondary insurance that helps pay and give you reduced co-pay, even if you haven’t seen a check yet, as long as you meet the required amount, you will get a check then. Once you meet the donut hole amount, you will more then likely get your check within a month or two after . You can keep track at where you stand on your Medicare amount, from the statement you recieve every month that tells you how much you have paid out in co-pays thus far this year. It will show you the amount you need to reach, and the max amount.(the donut hole amount is the amount in between those two.)
I hope this has clarified this up for many of you who keep asking, “Where’s MY check”. Granted, I feel as though the way the governent is doing this is completely unfair to so many people. People who receive only MEDICAID will not ever see this check at all. If you have anymore questions, place them in this blog, and they will be forwarded to my email, and I will try to answer or clarify anything I possibly can.
And to those of you who keep blaming President Obama, although I am thoroughly NOT a fan of his, and I can’t wait until his term is over, or he gets impeached or something, THIS is NOT his fault. It’s the ONE thing he did want us to have…A $250.00 Stimulus check, just like the ones we got last year, however, the only ones you can blame is the senate, and congress. REMEMBER this when it comes time to vote again ! Go to your Senators’ websites and see how yours voted on the Stimulus that was voted down …

Vickie Stough, you are correct in saying that everyone needs to stop whining and complaining…however, that still will get you no where either. ACTION is what needs to be taken here !! AS I already have stated in a previous comment, check out the web site for YOUR Senators, see how they stood, and voted on the stimulus that came before them in two different ways. Write to THEM (there will be an email link supplied), tell them how you feel. And REMEMBER this when it comes time to elect the next officials for your state. We may have los the fight of a stimulus check for 2010, do research before voting. Ask questions. Find out how the ones running for your state stand on aiding the elderly, verterans and handicapped. Choose wisely,, or we will be in this same situation again in 2011. I notice alot of comments coming through from you, Always in caps…..I don’t know the purpose of this, and I don’t mean to sound rude, but one thing for sure, the majority of the whining and complaining comes from you. Don’t “YELL”, don’t whine or complain, as I said, research those running in your state. Write to them and ask very direct questions, see how they voted on the 2010 stimulus. Are they followers of Nancy Pelosi, or are they actually for the PEOPLE. Ms. Pelosi, is another person who needs to be replaced in my humble opinion. SO think carefully before you vote in November’s election ! HAve a good day !

Congress did not fail to vote themselves a raise, but they can’t vote on giving us the $250 stimulus for 2010. If we can’t get a raise, we should at least get the stimulus. The cost of living keeps rising and I believe we all on Social Security benefits deserve the stimulus or, at least, a raise in January, every January.

I am a 63 year old vietnam veteran trying to make a living on ss. I pay rent, utilities, dr. visits, meds. I am on dialysis, am diabetic, have had three heart attacks, think anyone wants to hire me? My wife is disable to she diabetic and has other medical problems and like I said we are trying to make on our disability money. But, the people in congress are getting raises, going on vacation, shopping, buying plenty food for thier household. Bet anything anyone wants they don’t have to decide between food or meds, dialysis or diabetic meds, or which bill gets paid this month or which one is going to be left for next month and maybe you ‘ll be able to pay it. Bet, Congress doesn’t have to count pennies to get gas in their cars to go see a dr. or go to get dialyzed. Congress has the comforts we wish we could have. All we want is to get a raise every year just like congress, their raise comes around, they are not looking the labor wages to see if they get a raise they just get it. We REALLY NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL OF WHO WE PUT IN OFFICE. We have out banks, car company and their mamas, but senior citizens have died from illness, starvation. People in Congress just talk and don’t do the walk. When they are running for office they promise us the stars and the moon just to get elected, once in office the promises are thrown out the first window they can find, and forget about the old, sick and tired( we the senior citizens). No one will ever hear us unless it happen close home but that wil never happen, know why? Congress has EVERYTHING finger tips, we pay for it. We senior citezens o social security will never a 1.000 dollat suit or dress or 500.00
dollar shoes, but I bet Congress does. I could go on, on but it will change nothing

you have not seen a stimulus check, because there has been NO stimulus check ! WHat part of this do you people not understand? The ONLY people who have or will gt anything at this point, are those on Medicare who reach their Part D catastrophic amount for their meds !
Pelosi now is saying she is going to put another stimulus on the table to go up for a vote in November 2010, but the Senate can vote it down again just like the past one. I wouldn’t hold my breath, on seeing anything. Obama went way too overboard with his “Bail outs” and the money just isn’t there anymore. No One is going to vote to pay out something that is going to cost our government even more money. As for no stimulus…thank the democrats for voting NO on it, and even though Obama wanted us to have it, he ruined it for us too, by his over excessive bailouts. I mean come on think about it…you bail out a car manufacturer…ok fine…they are out of the whole(for now) they continue making their cars…….just WHO is going to buy these cars? Those who have NOT received a COLA, those who got NO Stimulus?…so the car company’s sales decrease once again…..what was the sense of the bail out? The money should have gone “to the people” and they could have bought the product, thus, getting the car company back on track. Now THAT would have made much more sense !!

NEW YORK ( — When House Democrats return to Washington on Monday, a top priority will be putting a $250 dollar check in the mail to 58 million Social Security recipients.

Democrats plan to vote early in the lame-duck session on a bill that would provide Social Security recipients with a one-time payment, according to the office of Earl Pomeroy, a Democrat from North Dakota who authored the legislation.

165Email Print CommentThe bill — with a total cost of roughly $14 billion — is designed to make up for another year without an increase in Social Security benefits.

We need a raise and the stimulas money now. My medicare insurance has gone up 58 dollars for both myself and my wife. What do they think we are going to do to keep up with all the riseing cost of everthing. Gas has jump from 229 a gallon to 269 within weeks. All this is inflation. How can they say its not. I cannot help to feel that we are being singled out to pay for all the mistakes that the governmant has made. We need our money to keep living

Brandy,may be a stupid question but what does this mean and when is lame duck session (Democrats plan to vote early in the lame-duck session )?

The way I am reading this is yes it is for Social Security & SSI Recipeints !! I hope we get them soon !

I’m just like everyone else. I’m wondering if it will really be voted in as we all need the money so desperately. I believe in the help of the Lord.
Matthew 18:19 (Again I say unto you. That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in heaven.) So I ask you all to agree with me for the stimulus check standing on the sacred word and I look to receive my check soon. Thank You-Pauline

the way the house votes on these things it has been hidden in plain site on the house voting website,im sure this is in no way an attempt at covering up the results from voters so we are no to be prejudiced as who we vote for,or IS IT?

Call your reps in the house and congress and call often your local office and tell them to support the senior bill, and we will see on record who voted for or against

my wife has been on ssi for a while because of her health. she was a very healthy person before she got sick. now she is not able to work. it is not fair for senior citizens and pepole who is on ssi for there health and can not work. these people have work all their lives and paid in ss for all their lives and cannt get a raise is wrong. that is their money to fall back on if something happens to them or retired. this are money we paid in for 20 to 30 years of work. the goverment should not be able to take our paid ss so they can do what they want to do with it thats is wrong with this country you dont have anybody in the goverment ho cares. they let all our jobs to over seas instead trying to keep business in the united states. the good old usa is not like it was when i grew up. united states need to worry about us enstead of all these other countrys we got people here in the us that need help we should come first if this country needs to take a hard look at us. i would like to know where all are money goes to help the usa you keep taxing and taxing and it not working so where the money going to its not helping the people who needs help. far as im concern the people in prisons for the rest of there lives should be stop why should we pay for them being in prison they live better than we do look at all the money this contry could save if they put them to death we work hard all our lives and then get sick cannnt work anymore and we cannot get help there is something wrong with this picture they live better than we do there should not be dem or rep everybody in this country should be equal its just a job thats the problem they worry about who is going to screws ho enstead working togeather that is why this country is miss up nobody whats to work together anymore its all about who can get ahead first its a shame united states is this way. it makes me sick anymore i see senior citizens have to pay 300 dollars or more for there medicines who have work all their lives is not right i feel if you work till you retire you should not have to pay for thier meds we as americans we should be the one who helps to decide what are goverment decides on issues let are american pepole be involved i think this country would be in a better place i would like to talk the president that should be are rights we all are equal.

as a senior CITIZEN,i’m seething that our government voted down the one year payment of $250 to us.the washington politicians don’t say one word about how much they pay out to millions of illegal invaders.indeed us fools still allow them to walk in every minute.we even run into the desert with food and water so they don’t suffer! dah,who told them its fine to cross the border into a sovereign country?
so,we allow them in(u.s. government),pay them foodstamps,welfare,free heathcare and education.the illegals work for cash whilst the handouts to them continue.
i even hear they can get $500 a month toward rent.its not a joke people.its a travesty!
my point is this.i worked as a laborer all my life even before i finished high school.
i have english ancestors that arrived in the puritan days.i have dutch ancestors that came in later in 1660.i am honest,did my military duty and never been arrested and married close to half century.i’m certain there are many,many others like me reading this epistle and its not the $250 its why i cannot have it while lawbreakers can be entitled to so much more!!

What are those “special criteria” for getting the stimulus payment for 2010? First they say all who are receiving SS will get it. Then they throw in this phrase. I did not receive a payment for 2009 although I was receiving SS then. I live outside of the United States but am a citizen rec’g SS and was in 2009. Does anyone know?

so what are they doing?They go and say,what maybe every 6 months that we may get the stimulus payment,they said it 2 months ago,now once again,we dont here anything.I THINK their messing with us,getting our hopes up,then saying nothing.

The last stimulus check I received from being on SSDI was in 2008-I didn’t get one for either 2009 or 2010! And now there is no stimulus going out in 2011 because the governement claims there’s no cost of living, if that’s so then why do I get a cost of living raise every year on my paycheck? The cost of living has gone up so there should be a stimulus check!

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