2010 Stock Picking Contest Results

At the beginning of the year I entered into a stock picking contest with some other bloggers, as I do every year. I decided to swing for the fences this year and I ended up missing the ball and cranking myself in the head with the bat. 🙂

I placed a bet against the price of gold.  I ended up not picking the right vehicle for my bet and it didn’t matter anyways, since gold ended up going up 50% this year.

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 The Wild Investor 27.15
2 Where Does All My Money Go 26.56
3 Dividend Growth Investor 26.08
4 Zack Stocks 20.87
5 My Traders Journal 10.39
6 Million Dollar Journey 3.79
7 Intelligent Speculator -0.45
8 The Financial Blogger -1.64
9 Money Smarts -35.25

You can see all the detailed results over at First Million Dollar.

Tomorrow, I will be unveiling the winning stock picks for 2011 – so stay tuned!!

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Hey Mike,

Happy New Year!

How do you get into the stock picking contest with the other bloggers? I’d love to pick some stocks with you guys. Unless you’re all afraid (which I understand) 🙂

Health is definitely a priority for me too, my husband was sick for about 6 months and it wreaks havoc on your life. It was very stressful, I was getting broker by the day and all I could do was sit there and take care of our son. Blogging saved my sanity as I wrote and wrote and wrote, trying to do something that was productive. Now I get all my clients via the blog imagine that!

Also you are my book hero!

Hi Mike,

Happy New Year and all the best in 2011! I admire your contrarian courageousness betting against gold. “You must be able to buy in the face of weakness and sell in the face of strength”. That’s how smart money works sometimes.

@Rachelle – We are only replacing contestants who leave. Why don’t you start your own stock pick competition?

Yes, health is the most important thing.

@Chad – well, that’s the great thing about betting with play money – lot’s of courage! 🙂

Happy new year Mike! This year if you want to go from last place in the 2010 contest to first place in 2011 all you have to do is the opposite of what you did last year. Instead of betting against the trend you should research why precious metals are still so under-valued. Gold and silver had a good move up last year but 2011 will be even better for precious metals. The fundamentals for gold and silver have never looked better. If you don’t have the time to research gold and silver companies you could just buy a good precious metals mutual fund. Sprott Asset Management, Sentry, and RBC all have excellent mutual funds that have done better than 70% increases for 2010. These same mutual funds will give you at least a 100% gain in 2011 as many gold and silver companies have a lot of catching up to do with the recent rise in metals prices. Another easy way to take advantage of this PM bull market is MMP.UN which is a trust fund that pays over 10% dividend and also has the potential to double in price this year. Best of luck to you this new year. Don

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