2011 Stock Picking Contest Results

At the beginning of the year I entered into a stock picking contest with some other bloggers, as I do every year.

Once again I decided to short gold which didn’t work out all that well, although it was better than last year.

Here are the results:

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 Dividend Growth Investor 15.36
2 Million Dollar Journey 3.12
3 Intelligent Speculator -4.90
4 Money Smarts Blog -9.55
5 Where Does All My Money Go -17.04
6 My Traders Journal -19.00
7 The Financial Blogger -21.73
8 The Wild Investor -33.34
9 Beat the Index -44.08


2 replies on “2011 Stock Picking Contest Results”

Hi Mike,
I can’t find your 2012 picks for the annual stock picking contest. Have you guys discontinued the contest? Gold has increased for the eleventh year in a row and 2012 will be the best year ever for gold and silver. Physical gold was up just 10% in 2011 but was better than most investments for the year. I believe we will see silver rise more than 50% and gold at least 25% this year. If you would take the time to find out why precious metals has been doing so well all these years you’d easily win this contest hands down.
Well, whatever you come up with for your choices, I hope that you do well. Besides the contest I hope that your portfolio increases big time this year.

Take care,


Hi Don – good to hear from you.

I didn’t make any picks as I won’t be participating any more. I’m not that interested in active stock picking and I’m trying to focus my limited on time on things I’m interested in.

The other guys are continuing with the contest however.

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