$250 Stimulus Check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients

The question all Social Security recipients want to know is – Will there be a $250 stimulus check in 2011?

At this point in time, the government has not announced anything. However in 2009 – SS recipients were given a $250 check. President Obama proposed another check for 2010 which didn’t happen. Given that the cost of living increase for SS is zero in 2011, it is not impossible that this idea will get floated again.

Updated – find out about a $250 stimulus check in 2012 for Social Security recipients.

2011 Social Security cost-of-living increase

The cost of living increase will be zero. The government has determined that inflation is low enough that no increase is necessary.

Should I count on a stimulus check

No – nothing has been announced, so it is not wise to count on a check being sent.

History of stimulus checks for Social Security recipients

In 2009, the government decided to pay out a one-time $250 stimulus check to all Social Security recipients. Needless to say, this money was enthusiastically received. It was part of the general stimulus package that was announced in early 2009. The regular Social Security payments went up 5.8% in 2009, so getting a $250 check was a nice bonus.

In 2010, the Social Security cost-of-living increase was 0% which was mandated by law. The thinking was that since inflation was so low – there wasn’t any need for a Social Security COLA (increase). President Obama proposed another $250 stimulus check for SS recipients at the end of 2009 to make up for seniors not getting a Social Security raise. This proposed check was to have been paid out in the first quarter of 2009.

The check never got paid since the Senate voted down the 2010 Social Security stimulus check.

Social Security information

Social Security gives about $1,150 per month to the average retiree. 40 percent of income for elderly people is provided by Social Security. 20% of older married couples and 40% of older single people rely on it for at least 90 percent of their income.
Please look at the 2012 Social Security COLA increase.

Social Security payments will be going up in 2012 – To determine your increase, please check out the article: How do I calculate 3.6% Social Security raise for 2012?

70 replies on “$250 Stimulus Check in 2011 for Social Security Recipients”

please send stimulus checks for 2009, 2010 AND 2011 for a total of $750! OR,
send a one time extra check equal to the monthly disability check so i can buy my prescription eyeglasses and have some needed dental work done – as these services have been stopped for disabled seniors.
Seems ur stimulus checks have been hijacked by politicians who gave it to themselves – disquised as a raise.

I am so sick of hearing that nothing has gone up so S.S didn’t get a raise again. Everything has gone up,Food, Gas and everything else. I think they make up alot of these numbers. I say get rid of all of them and start over.

i say there should be another stimulus check for 2012, but it should be more than 250 dollars, because when the people spend it ,it will be going back in the economy

If there isn’t a cost of living increase ! Why are these socalled representives in Washington asking for more money ? !!! What the hell !!! $178,000.00 a year isn’t enough ? Gee I get $ 14,000.00 a year . Let them live on that a while !!!

sooooo ashamed to say this but i’ve worked my whole life, now 65 and our goverment is a big joke. take our ss and dip out here and there…make cuts here and there..what the heck is this country coming to nowdays. complain? why, nobody home..there all on vacation every couple weeks. come on congress get your act together! take note…. america is the laughingstock of the world, shame on all of you in goverment …can say i’m not proud to be american anymore.

the ss was paid by the people,and not the goverment but the goverment took money out to pay for things,but they dont want to pay it back,and didnt want the the puplic to know this,in stead of giveing money to the big corparations,pay the ss back what the goverment stoled from us the people,i thought the law was to put theives in jail not let them keep on stealing,i also think they,the so called leaders of this nation should take a (BIG PAY CUT).

I have MS and live on SSDI. That 1st $250 was nice and a big help. But like all other of Obama’s promises, you know jobs, etc they have all fallen by the wayside. As for our house, and congressmen I’d love to see them live on the less than &15,000 I get a year. Now they are going after our Medicare that as I recall came out of my pay check every week for the 32 years I worked. They are not going to be happy until all the people collecting social security and using medicare are in the grave. That would solve all the problems of this country get rid of all us freeloaders who paid for the privalige to not have to work till the day we die. WE PAID OUR DUES, NOW WE WANT WHAT IS DUE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My income is from SSDI benefits due to my disability, believe me I would prefer working to earn a living. I am a single parent with three children, two living at home and attending school. Needless to say I struggle each month just to make ends meet with just the necessities(rent,car pymt, ins,utilities, groceries)-I still have to make decisions about what I can pay or wait til next month. This is very stressful on me which causes anxiety issues & more. I am looking for a job to help out with the expenses each month. Not having any luck there-my disability, my age, my skills/experience? My problem is I am not BILINGUAL-I only speak English-NO Spanish. I live in Dallas,TX-employers are hiring bilinguals only even though I am qualified for the jobs I apply for. I need all the help I can get, don’t qualify for food stamps & other government assistance because my income is too much. Go figure-what’s wrong with this picture?

I think the monies used for bailouts should have given each househol a set amt and the leftover to reduce our debt amt

I would like to know how they figure that some one who never worked a day in her life gets over $800. a month on SSI and I worked from age 16 to age 65 taking 10 years out to raise my children and I only get $659.
I don’t understand. I know that this person could have worked if she wanted.

I would like to know how our congress can sleep at night with the americans all suffering while we are busy helping other countries. We have people over here that struggle to survive. We are the ones who voted you in and now you never hear our voices when we speak. please we gave to you now give back to us. We are supposed to be free but yet we are told how to live and hpow much money we have to live off of while ypou guys are free to live how you guys want. Please as one american to another please help us for a change

All I can said is that I would be happy to have the money that pays for the suits that the sentors and crongress men wear,that would be three or four times what i get payed, Im blind in one eye, add bladder cancer Back surgery and need more back surgery, also neck surgery may knee and hip needs to be replaced plus all the meds I have to have, and you guys dont think we could use 250.00 dollars that will just pay for my meds for a month I go with out food so i can get my meds I hope your family loves to know you people have us live the way we do,And way is there so much crime peopel need help not vote for me I can fix it.THATS TO OLD.

How come I heard that people that receive Social Security in Puerto Rico are going to receive a $400 stimulis check

They say that the cost of living has not gone up,, everything has gone up medical expences,, gas , food, clothing,, evenn the banks charge more for handling your money,, I am disabled,, that is even harder to get around,,and yes the government has no problem using SS money for their problems but they don’t want to help ours,, send out a stimulas check,,

It is very hard for people on ssi and ssd to live and pay all there bills they should give a stimulus to all those on ssd and ssi it would help them and the economy out

hi i want know everbody going to get the stimulus check this year 2012 because i think that sould be a ones a year thing for everone who on ssi and social security because we need the change to buy food and get gas and mybe get a new outfit ones a year because people have lots of rent to pay are high bills are even debts to pay i think that will be good for ever one this year to have one thank you who ever get this

I am on disability and I hope the government can send out a stimulus check every year. We all need help every now and then. Our checks do not get us by very often month to month basis. Thank you for hearing from me.

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