And The Winner Is…

For a copy of Derek Foster’s “The Lazy Investor”….Shevy! Congrats Shevy, I’ll be sending you an email to get your mailing address.

Now on to the usual Saturday LinkStuff & Weigh-In!

Weight – 184, down a pound from last week. I have to say that posting my weight each week is a real motivator for me during the week. I’m planning to buy an electronic scale this week so hopefully that won’t “reset” my weight.

Some Links:

Preet from “Where Does All My Money Go?” had a great series on leveraged investing this week. I did my own series on this topic a while back but he has a lot of detail and actually backs up his plans with facts!

This week we entered Mr. Cheap’s post about real estate agents in the Carnival of Personal Finance which was hosted by Cash Money Life. His post on Unified Theory of Everything Financial was entered in the Carnival of Financial Planning.

Some carnival posts I rather enjoyed:

  • An interesting look at Monopoly and real estate strategies on Two Wise Acres – a great real estate blog.
  • The BagLady had a very good post on the so called “American Dream” which also relates quite closely to real estate.
  • Million Dollar Journey had a post on tipping which inspired a tipping post of my own.
  • A Penny Closer talks about why he bought his first home – I liked this one because it so closely mirrored my own first house story. I also enjoyed his story about overpriced lobster. I can’t believe the waiter didn’t say anything.
  • Smart Money Daily has three banking stories – skip to the last one.

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