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Another week and another great review of my book.  I’m really happy about how extremely positive all the book reviews are thus far.  When bloggers review other blogger’s books – it’s a bit like stock analysts and their buy and sell ratings.  You will probably never see a bad review, but if the blogger doesn’t like the book, they will do a “non-review” where they just mention the book, include some text provided by the author and never directly endorse the book.

This review is clearly not one of those – MapleMoney has this to say:

I could have found this information on the government’s website, but frankly, it’s not always written in an easy-to-understand way. The RESP Book is. There are lots of different examples and specific case studies so that you can really get a grip on how the RESP rules work.

MapleMoney is giving away a free copy of The RESP Book – contest is ending this Saturday, Oct 30, so hurry up and enter.

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