LinkStuff – Extra Cash And Best Of Blogs Edition

A while ago, I wrote about how we have a very loose budgeting system in place, which involves keeping an excess of cash in our bank accounts.  This makes it easier to manage bill payments etc, and it came in very handy this week when we had a $1,700 car repair bill.  It still sucked to pay the money, but I didn’t even have to think about how I was going to pay the bill.

On with the links

First off, is a great article by my favourite personal finance writer – Rob Carrick, who wrote a nice piece on the two winners of the recent Best of Blogs competition.  Make sure you check out the photos, where you will find Preet doing his best Mary Poppins imitation and Kerry who appears to be living on the set of Little House on the Prairie.  🙂

The Amateur Financier wrote a very good article called “Does Success Skew Your Perception?“.  If someone is successful at something, then they will often talk about how “easy” it is to do or how “anyone can do it”.

The Oblivious Investor explains how to deal with a pension in retirement for the purposes of asset allocation.

The WeighHouse blog wants to know why active portfolio managers don’t move to cash before the market drops?

Jennifer Wells of The Toronto Star had an interesting article about excessive personal debt and how it’s been around for a long time.

Million Dollar Journey had a guest post on the importance of paying attention to financial statements.

Preet has built a know-you-adviser tool to help evaluate current or prospective advisers.  Go check it out and give him some feedback.

Blessed by the Potato wrote about the BP oil disaster and investing.

Financial Blogger went to Quebec City for a weekend of “business”.  I’d like to know how to get my wife to agree to look after the kids for a whole weekend, so I can do that too!  🙂

Canadian Capitalist reports that BMO Investorline had some major trading glitches recently.

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Just call me “Half-Pint”. 🙂

The photographer wanted cows in the shot, or my Smart car. He couldn’t decide. But when the dog ran by I knew the cows and car were out. The dog always wins. I guess you could call her a real news hound.

Hey Mike,

thx for the link!

it’s easier to convince your wife than you think. I just told her that I need this weekend so the company can continue to compensate for the fact that she is staying home 😉

I still had to debate the point of leaving town ….

@Squawk – I like “news hound”. 🙂

@FB – You have to leave the city. Maybe I’ll do mine in Montreal…what’s your address again?

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