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Best Stock Picks For 2010 Competition Q1 Update – I Demand A Recount!

At the beginning of the year I entered in a stock picking competition with some other bloggers.  As I outlined in my original 2010 stock pick post I bet the house on the price of gold falling.  Well, it hasn’t fallen and as was pointed out in the comments of the original post, I didn’t even really pick the right investment instruments to reflect my bet.

Oh well – it’s just for fun.  🙂  (At least I’m ahead of Frugal Trader).

1. Dividend Growth Investor: +9.58%

2. Wild Investor: +9.30%

3. My Trader’s Journal: +5.78%

4. WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo: +5.24%

5. The Financial Blogger: +2.87%

6. ZachStocks: +2.55%

7. Four Pillars: -1.01%

8. Intelligent Speculator: -1.27%

9. Million Dollar Journey: -11.83%

8 replies on “Best Stock Picks For 2010 Competition Q1 Update – I Demand A Recount!”

Ahh, just a short term gain Mr. Pillar. No worries. You’re wise enough to know that an ounce of gold bought a great suit in Shakespeare’s day, and all it buys is a great suit today. I get the feeling that you know that gold is for speculators–and it doesn’t beat inflation over the long haul. Your pick was gutsy, because you went against the flow of relative strength, but your logic was correct. Gold fools people every generation. It’s funny how people like to buy things that have lately become expensive, and they shun what’s cheap.

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