Big Blog Sale/Purchase And LinkStuff For July 20

Big news in blogworld last week – Gather Little By Little which is one of my favourite blogs was sold and purchased by none other than The Financial Blogger.  GLBL was run by Larry who has been a pretty good friend to me over the last couple of years – he has been very helpful with a lot of aspects of blogging.  Ironically, the new owner, Mike is also a friend – I wish both of them the best.

The Links

Cam Birch wrote an interesting post about fear of a tax audit.  He says that people fear them too much.

Squawkfox wrote a fun post on how to make a kite with recycled materials.  Great stuff.

Million Dollar Journey has some radically frugal ideas.

Where Does All My Money Go discusses the $4k to 10k rebate on electric cars in Ontario.  This might help demand but those cars aren’t cheap.

Good Financial Cents ask what kind of investor are you right now?

Bible Money Matters answers some questions about the new Cash for Clunkers program.

Canadian Capitalist talks about the Pixar phenomenon.  How do they keep cranking out the hit movies?


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