Blog 3rd Birthday and Globe and Mail Best of Blogs Competition

We’ve just passed the third anniversary of Money Smarts Blog otherwise known as the blog formerly known as Four Pillars.  Three years, about a thousand posts and I feel like we are just getting started.

Thanks to all the readers who have read our stuff, commented and bloggers who have linked to us.

Globe and Mail Best of Blogs Competition

We are honoured to once again be an entrant in the Globe and Mail Best of blogs competition.  There are a lot of great blogs in the list so go check them out if you haven’t already done so.

You are welcome to vote for Four Pillars in the personal finance category.  The way the voting works is that you can pick 3 blogs as your faves so that will allow you to pick two good blogs plus this one.  🙂

This is the link to get to the voting page.

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9 replies on “Blog 3rd Birthday and Globe and Mail Best of Blogs Competition”

Happy 3rd anniversary! Also congrats on being nominated in the Globe & Mail best of blogs – I cast my vote for you & two of my other fave money blogs:)

Mike and Mr Cheap’s 3rd anniversary? What are you getting each other?

Congrats on the anniversary and the G&M voting, you got one of my votes! Though why am I not in it after coming in third in the Plutus Awards? 😉 Maybe next year!

Thanks everyone!

Tom – We bought each other matching Rolls Royces.

Squawk – to be honest, had I known the blog comp was coming up, I would have delayed the name change. I’ve found it a bit confusing myself. 🙂

I was trying to vote but I couldn’t find MSB on the list, so I just voted for MDJ instead.. sorry…

hehe kidding you got a vote too!
(I read your blog at least twice a week) 😀

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