New Direction For Money Smarts Blog And A Book Announcement

As Mr. Cheap announced yesterday, our blog partnership has come to an end.  It’s been a great three years and I only hope that he continues to write elsewhere, so I can still enjoy his posts.

Future direction of Money Smarts Blog

My plan for Money Smarts Blog is to make the blog more focused on personal finance.  There will be the usual range of personal finance topics, but there will be an increased emphasis on investing topics such as investing accounts and investing products.

I’m going to do one post on Wednesdays and a roundup on Fridays.  I may try doing the occasional extra post, but my hope is that by only having one “real” post per week – the quality will be higher than if I try to do several posts per week.

I wrote a book!

I have written a book – it’s very, very close to being published.  I’m not going to reveal the book topic just yet, but I hope to announce it sometime this month.  Writing and self-publishing a book has been a very interesting project. It’s a lot like doing home renovation – there is always one more thing to do. You might have noticed the name change underneath the post title – this is a result of the book. It’s hard to sell books that are written by “Mike”. 🙂

Thanks a lot for reading Money Smarts Blog and thanks to Mr. Cheap for all his great posts!

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@FB – We do have a lot of similarities, don’t we?

@Squawk – It has 101 green pigs on the cover. 😉

Rachelle – The once per week is a minimum. We’ll see how it goes – I may try to do a smaller post or two as well. You can still email with Mr. Cheap

Wait – people still read books? I thought we were all solely focused on blogs now (and Twitter and Facebook).

Looking forward to it, all joking aside…

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