New Blog Showcase And LinkStuff For Monday, June 8

Blog Showcase – Weakonomics

I haven’t featured any individual blogs in quite a while but I’ve been reading Weakonomics for a while and I have to say that I’m really impressed by this blog.  The author (Phil) is smart, creative, funny and undoubtedly good looking.  In other words – the complete opposite to anything you’ll find around here. 🙂  He’s been at it for just over a year so there are lots of good articles to peruse.

If you like your financial posts with a dash of wit and intelligence then I strongly urge you to subscribe via email or RSS feed to receive his stuff.  He likes talking about economics, investing and many other aspects of personal finance that he finds interesting.

Here are some posts you can check out:

Links of the week

Amateur Asset Allocator thinks that women should buy their own engagement ring. Well good luck finding someone with that attitude!!  🙂 Seriously, I think the issue is the cost – why does anyone have to waste pay so much for a ring?

M is for Money talks about her uncle giving up his house to foreclosure.  I don’t disagree with his decision but her analysis leaves a lot to be desired….let me guess, he had no idea house prices didn’t go up forever?   He’s no innocent victim.

He bought a house he could afford and lived within his means, he isn’t the poster child for irresponsibility you see portrayed every day. Rather he is one of the unintended victims of this current crisis who never realized the danger they were in.

One Mint explains why GM is not trading at zero.  (Not that it would ever actually trade for zero – but you know what I mean).

The rest of the links

Thicken My Wallet says that taxes are going up so hire a tax accountant.  I disagree (see my comment).

The Oblivious Investor has a list of 35 resources for anyone is is not debt-free and wants to learn to invest.

Million Dollar Journey has 8 ways to keep your kids busy this summer.

Financial Blogger tells you how to negotiate a raise during a recession.

Good Financial Cents came up with four things that are making you poor.

The Intelligent Speculator explains target date ETFs.

Money Ning reviews the Ally bank.

ABCs of Investing says that stock prices don’t represent stock value.


Carnival of 20 Somethings – Sesame Street edition!!

Festival of Frugality

Money Hacks Carnival

Carnival of Financial Planning

Economy and Your Finances Carnival

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Hi Mike,

The link to “10 things I hate about economists” leads to the 6 Star Wars lessons.

Weakonomics is indeed quite good.


Thanks for including the post about GM in your links of the week. I didn’t think of the non trade before you mentioned 🙂

I’ve been reading Weakonomics for very long too and its a great blog!

I got to say Weakonomics has become very quickly one of my top blogs. i have subscribed to his blog, follow him on twitter and visit his blog everyday. A very unique and original blog!

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