Bonus Good Reads From Around The Web

The Financial Blogger wrote a great article about why he wants to be an entrepreneur.  I love #6 “be able to walk my kids to school and pick them up”.  Although I’m sure the novelty would wear off about halfway to school on the first day, I’d still like to be able to try it.  🙂

Tenants from hell is a great warning tale about renting to “nice people” without checking their references.   Mr. Cheap has written many times that if you want to rent out your property you MUST check their credit and references.   Read about finding and selecting good tenants.

This is an older article about not giving unsolicited advice.  It makes a lot of sense since there isn’t much point in giving advice if it is not likely to be followed.   I work with someone who likes to vent every once in a while – she usually disguises her rants in the form of asking for help…but she really just wants to rant.

Apparently the Lexus SC 430 has a cd player for the first time replacing the cassette player.  I find it hard to believe that any car made in the last 5 years actually had a cassette player!

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