LinkStuff – Bowling With Kids Edition

Over the holidays, my wife and I went bowling with the kids (age 3 & 5).  I haven’t bowled in 25 years and all I remember is being in the gutter most of the time.

They gave us a lane with rails on it which prevent the ball from going into the gutter.  What a great invention – not only did the kids get a lot more out of the game, so did my wife and I since we are not exactly pro bowlers.

For the record – I won the game.  😉

My favourite quote of the week

“I wanted a happy culture. So I fired all the unhappy people.”
—A very successful CEO (who asked not to be named)

Reporter looking for someone to interview

A reporter for More magazine is looking for a woman over the age of 40 who had some questions or issues with doing RESP withdrawals.  If you are interested in doing a short interview – send me an email at mike at moneysmartsblog dot com and I’ll set you up.

On with the links

Financial advisors have taken their fair share of criticism lately. But it’s important to remember that some advisors care about more than just making money off you. Garry Gorr wrote a great piece about how he has improved as a financial advisor. A good read.

And now back to the bad advisor articles.  This elderly couple got taken to the cleaners by their mutual fund “advisor” Enzo DeVuono who works for Equity Associates Inc., based in Markham, Ont.  Between the crooked advisor, their moronic son and two complicit financial institutions (B2B Trust and AGF Trust), this couple never stood a chance.  I may have to do a separate article on this situation since it irritates me so much.

Mike from the Oblivious Investor says that investing your house downpayment in REITs is not crazy, but not recommended.

Holy Potato did a great job of analyzing my real estate situation when I asked him “Should I sell my house?”.  I have no intentions of selling my house, but he has come out with a number of articles which indicate that the housing market in Toronto is over-valued

Million Dollar Journey picks 4 winning stocks for 2012.

Michael James discovered what active investing and Tebow time have in common.

Boomer & Echo suggest that you shouldn’t donate if you are in debt. I don’t agree – if your debts are a problem, then no donations. Otherwise, I don’t see an issue with some donations.

Holy Potato also wrote an interesting post about active investing vs passive investing.  I agree with his concerns that the Canadian equity market is not diversified enough.


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I’ve definitely seen plenty of examples of people being fired because they were chronically unhappy. It took a few years with one particular high performer, but the company eventually fired him. You’re better off trying to improve things than to complain constantly.

Fire the unhappy workers, and those impossible to please Gen-Y’s too!

As for donating when you’re in debt; don’t underestimate the value of donating your time, which can be much more impactful and rewarding than giving a few dollars that you can’t afford.

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