Boxing Day Bonanza

Merry Boxing Day from Mike and Mr. Cheap!

In case you were wondering what we got up to these holidays, Mr. Cheap left town to visit with his family and then will be doing a bit of jet-setting around visiting friends and I stayed home and welcomed my family for a visit.

This has been the best Christmas ever for me. Last year was pretty good as it was the first one that my wife and I celebrated with our son but this year is even better because his two cousins (2.5 yrs and 14 months) have joined him (17 months) and watching the three of them running around and creating havoc is extremely entertaining. They are only here for a few more days so I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can.

Here are a couple of Xmas related links which I thought were very creative and quite amusing as well…

I knew that Brip Blap has been around but he showed how extremely well-rounded he is with his brilliant “Personal Finance Redneck” test.

The BagLady exposed her Hawaiian roots with some Christmas carols.  Check it out!

3 replies on “Boxing Day Bonanza”

ah sartinly appreesheeate th’ menshun of mah article, an’ at th’ same time ah’s glad thet it provided yo’ wif readin’ injoyment. Enjoy th’ ress of yer holidays – havin’ a lot of yo’ng chillun aroun’ is heckic but pow’ful injoyable!

Translation: I certainly appreciate the mention of my article, and at the same time I’m glad that it provided you with reading enjoyment. Enjoy the rest of your holidays – having a lot of young children around is hectic but really enjoyable! (from

BB – great response! lol. I’m going to start writing my posts using that website.

Mr. C – it really is fun to have rug rats running around – to be honest I don’t think any of them would have noticed or cared if there were no presents at all. My son does open presents although that is more a result of his inherent destructive nature rather than a desire to unwrap presents. He had a great time, more because of the extra people and new toys (and wrapping paper and boxes) but the fact that it was Xmas doesn’t mean anything to him (which is fine by me!).


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