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Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)

Another government program that is available for parents in Canada is called the Canada Child Tax Benefit. This particular benefit is one of the few income-tested programs that actually has reasonable income limits so you can be fairly middle class and still get some cash out of this.

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Eligibility for CCTB

  • Child must be under 18 years of age.
  • Primary caregiver must be a Canadian resident.
  • You must live with the child.
  • Family net income must be less than approximately $102,000. Keep in mind that net income is AFTER any deductions such as RRSP contributions.
  • Check out the government of Canada website for more information.

How to apply for the CCTB

The form for this benefit is called Form RC66 – Canada Child Benefits Application and can be downloaded from or call 1-800-959-2221. Keep in mind that this application is the same one as for the UCCB (Universal child care benefit) so you only have to fill out this form once for both benefits.

Do I need proof of income to apply for the CCTB?

No you don’t. However the exception is if one of the parents became a new resident or returned as a resident of Canada in the last 2 years – or if you became a Canadian citizen in the last 12 months.

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Do I need proof of birth to apply for the CCTB?

No, unless the child was born outside of Canada or was born in Canada and is one year of age or older.

How much will I get from CCTB?

Check out the CRA’s online calculator to find out how much your benefit will be. The benefit is a sliding scale so the more net family income you have, the smaller the benefit will be.


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I am going to leave Canada soon for 3 or more years But I have a rental home since long time ago besides the home that I live in, I will keep both ..If my residence status is resident for tax purpose and keep applying annual tax regarding to my residential ties and other ties ( bank account, driving license, furniture , RESP and more )and , Am I supposed as a resident applying annual tax even though me and my family don’t live in Canada to keep CCTB that I receive long time ago OR NOT

he , i need help please , i came to Canada in first of 2010 and i left it in nov 2010 until july , now i have questing and they stop my child benefit i don’t what will happened can you help me please , they will stop it for ever or i will pay the amount for that period

I’m in a common law relationship but our relationship is on the rocks. He moved out and now that I have to apply for CCTB, he won’t give me his SIN number. What can I do?


My Xhusbands X-girl friend is trying to apply for my daughter. She and him still split time with my daughter, can she get this ?

I have shared custody, but will prefer to leave it to them. He was primary since 2010. He will not so his taxes, so she is trying to claim. I wonder how easy it is or if that is acceptable

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