Congrats To Globe And Mail Best Blog Winners

As most of you know the Globe and Mail just had their annual blog competition.  This year there were two categories (investing and personal finance) and only Canadian blogs were entered.  Money Smarts ended up getting 4th place in the personal finance category.  I was happy with this since the first three blogs are much bigger and presumably have an easier time rounding up votes.  We ended up getting 517 votes which I thought was quite good.

Unfortunately the Canadian Capitalist was part of the blog picking panel so his blog wasn’t in the competition.

Congrats to the two winners – Squawkfox and Preet as well as everyone else in the competition.  And thanks for anyone who voted for Money Smarts!

Here are the final standings for the personal finance category:

  1. Squawkfox – 1034 votes
  2. Million Dollar Journey – 809 votes
  3. Gail Vaz-Oxlade – 793 votes
  4. Money Smarts – 517 votes
  5. Canadian Personal Finance Blog – 490 votes
  6. Canadian Mortgage Trends – 382 votes
  7. Michael James on Money – 364 votes

And in the investment category:

  1. Where Does All My Money Go – 978 votes
  2. Canadian Couch Potato – 831 votes
  3. Larry MacDonald – 609 votes
  4. Think Dividends – 470 votes
  5. Canadian Financial DIY – 461 votes
  6. Humble Student of the Markets – 443 votes
  7. How To Invest Online – 357 votes

6 replies on “Congrats To Globe And Mail Best Blog Winners”

Time to regroup so you can CRUSH THEM ALL next year.

Honestly, with all the blogs out there, its awesome to even be mentioned.

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