LinkStuff – Coyotes Edition

Thanks for all the tulip-saving suggestions from last week.  We are in the process of buying blood meal, garlic, a gun, a coyote, a dog, several hens, lots of beer and a couple of redneck armed guards.  🙂

On with the links

The Dividend Guy is going to use dividend investing in an RESP.

Barrie McKenna from the Globe & Mail reveals the flaw in targeted tax cuts. Couldn’t agree more.

Boomer & Echo explains how to use e-post to organize your bills and shows how to kill the joy of giving – very good post.

Canadian Capitalist switched his internet from Bell to TechSavvy. I’m not sure if the savings are worthwhile.

Beyond Growth exposes yet another self-help scam.  $500 for a habits course -robbery.

Dianne Nice from the Globe & Mail is saving money by planting vegetables instead of blooms.

Eric Reguly of the Globe & Mail says that the EU should have listened to the IMF’s rescue plan.

Krystal has started to destroy her mortgage.

Rob Carrick advises to look at the fund fact sheet when buying mutual funds.

Michael James says you should run your winners over and cut some slack to your losers. Some of the time anyway. 🙂

Million Dollar Journey wrote a great guide to writing covered options.

The Globe reports that Portugal opens inquiry into rating agencies. Talk about shooting the messenger.

The Oblivious Investor had a good post on fixed lifetime annuities and how to evaluate their fees.

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Thanks for the mention Mike! $10 per month isn’t a big savings per se but the 300GB limit is a huge improvement. Besides, like one of those Seinfeld episodes, I cancelled with Bell out of spite 🙂

Hey Mike,

I’ve heard cayenne pepper mixed with water, works well (for saving your tulips).

Then again, you have a gun and a coyote now. That should cover it 🙂

Have a good weekend!

just a note about the cayenne and squirrels– the cayenne trick can blind the poor creature. don’t use cayenne to deter them or the powder can end up on their paws, into their eyes and you can imagine the pain you are inflicting. Just buy some tulips and keep them in your home in a vase. Please.

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