Four Pillars Sold!

Yes, it’s true – the ownership of will be transferring from a joint partnership of Mike & Mr. Cheap to just Mike effective the moment you read this!  Rest assured however that you won’t be subjected to just my writings since Mr. Cheap has graciously offered to keep writing for a small stipend payable in beer.

One of the things that came out of the whole purchase process (we did a shotgun deal) was that I realized I need to spend less time blogging.  When I first thought about the possibility of not being a part of this blog, I felt really good about the idea of not having to do any more work or feel any stress about the blog.  That told me that maybe spending too much time on the blog is not a good idea!

You might wonder why I started another blog if I found this one too much work already…to answer that…ummm…I have no idea.  I guess I really enjoy it.  The important thing is that I figured that one thing I need to do is regulate how much time I blog and post accordingly.  Although you might not notice it right away, I’m only planning to post once a week – with maybe an extra post every once in a while.  I’d rather set a schedule that I’m comfortable with and keep things going for the long run (which I’d love to do) than post too much and end up selling the blog.  Mr. Cheap is planning on continuing his current 2-3 posts per week so overall there should still be a reasonable amount of content available for you here.

Some changes – there will be some changes with the blog, although because of a lack of time – the pace of change might be so slow as to be almost imperceptible.  I really want to make more money with the blog – to do this will mean more advertising which shouldn’t be a big deal since most blogs out there look like Nascars.  Other changes will be doing some more promotions and possibly some SEO type articles.  The SEO articles you will recognize because they will be centred on some recent events or directly towards Americans ie “How to handle losses in your 401(k)”.  The reality of blog economics is that Americans are the dominant surfers as well as advertisers and if you can reach American search engine users then you will do well with advertising.  This type of post will be fairly uncommon as they take quite a bit of time to put together so don’t worry too much about the Americanization of Four Pillars.  Generally speaking – things will stay more or less the same.

5 replies on “Four Pillars Sold!”

I hope you don’t stop the ABC blog because I really like the pictures with each post 🙂

In all seriousness I think blogging can become an addictive habit. I have a general rule of thumb that I schedule a post each Monday and if I have something of quality to post during the week I do so – but I don’t view it as a requirement. I think readers recognize quality over quantity and both you & Cheap have done quality so far.

Nurse – the ABC blog will continue. My wife does the pics for that blog so she will be happy to read your comment.

Guinness and CC – not really much changes except probably less posts – maybe 4 posts on average? I guess in retrospect I could have not done this post and it wouldn’t have mattered. 🙂

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