Free Stock Tracker and Linkstuff Feb 6 Edition

First off – a reminder of the free trend analysis service available from INO.  I wrote about this service a while ago in greater detail.  It’s free, it’s fun, it’s healthy and will undoubtedly extend your useful life!

The weight

184.5 pounds!  Porkorama!  The emergency diet and exercise program has been activated and I’m hoping to get back down to 180 ASAP!!

The contest

If you haven’t already entered, definitely check out the Four Pillar’s Great Canadian Book Giveaway.  It’s possible to get two entries, so if any of the books look interesting, get your name in!  Contest runs until Saturday, Feb 7 at 8:00pm EST.

On with the links

One of my favourite readers Nicolas, shared this video – it’s a time-lapse photography video of a small baby playing.  The person who created it condensed 4 hours of video into 2.5 minutes.  Rather entertaining I thought.  The whole video is just showing the baby playing so feel free to cut it short if it starts getting boring.

Good Financial Cents has a pretty good post on investment risk.

Million Dollar Journey explains the details of Deposit Insurance.

The Consumer Boomer talks about Long Term Care for Women.

The Oblivious Investor discusses the Side Effects of a Recession.

Money Ning encourages us with the Positive Influence of Saving Money.

Paid Twice gets creative with financial tracking by Drawing a Line in the Sand.

Blunt Money makes a choice in No Tax Liens for Me this Month.

Canadian Capitalist looks on the bright side saying that Good Returns are More Likely to Follow Bad Returns.

The Intelligent Speculator wonders if Superbowl Ads are Worth It.

Investing School discusses Arbitrage Trading.

ABCs of Investing wrote about Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and describes Recession.

Good Financial Cents covers 9 tax law changes for individuals – keep in mind this is for US tax payers.  He also looks at dollar cost averaging .


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