Friday Linkstuff

Clever Dude’s wife made him save some gas. Maybe his wife should buy him a miles-per-gallon meter?

He also had a problem at a restaurant recently because he didn’t want to split the check evenly. I agree – splitting the check works only if everyone eats/drinks roughly the same amount. Check out the comments – pretty entertaining – my favourite was from Sara – “Stuff like this makes me kind of glad I don’t have any friends, so I don’t get into this kind of situation.”

Blunt Money has started a number of small businesses and wrote an excellent post on starting a small business.

Frugal Dad is having a problem with his emergency fund. The post is good but the photo he used is awesome.

Canadian Capitalist reminds us that if you are in the accumulation phase of your investment career then you should be loving the bear market. This is tough to do which is why it is important to read books like the Four Pillars of Investing and A Random Walk Down Wall Street which will remind you why it’s a good idea.

Squawkfox has come up with 50 great reasons not to use plastic bags. I think getting rid of plastic bags is a great idea but it seems that for some people it’s the ultimate solution – ie it’s ok to drive your huge SUV 1 half kilometer to the store as long as you have a re-usable bag.

MoneyNing had an interesting post on two families trying to avoid foreclosure. He also wrote out some good thoughts on passive income.

My Two Dollars says that friends don’t let friends drive frugal…or something like that – very good post!

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