Friday Linkstuff – lots and lots and lots o’ links!

This post started out as a simple PFN roundup and well…

Frugal Dad, who I recently mentioned for posting a great hockey fight pic, is dealing with a very difficult family situation so keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Begin at the Beginning by Remodel This Life was my favourite post of the week. It deals with how hard it is to get things done (and started) and was written in such a nice way. I think I’m going to start putting pictures of flowers into my posts. πŸ™‚

Brip Blap wrote about night guy and morning guy – as a night owl who has to get up early in the morning – this post hit home.

David from Money Ning started a new blog called Busy Blogging Dot Com– it is about the business of blogging and I recommend it highly if you are interested in a behind-the-scenes look at blogging – I’ve read every post so far (it’s pretty new) and I’m really enjoying it.

Finance Freelance Life started also started a blogging blog but it is more slanted to the technical side. I really love it so far because she can explain things in a way that is understandable and complete. Definitely worth a read. Finance Freelance Life also offers blog consulting services – in other words for extremely reasonable amounts of money she will do technical changes to your blog as well as give advice about things like blog presentation, ad layout etc. I haven’t hired her yet but I probably will at some point – she really is quite good.

This extremely short post from My Two Dollars sums up my feelings about bottled water perfectly.

Squawkfox wrote another great food post with awesome, mouth-watering, drool-inducing photos in a piece entitled 5 Cheap, Easy, and Healthy Family Dinners for $5. We are going to try some of these!

In response to Mr. Cheap’s post on MLM – Monetary Maladies wrote a letter of her own to her parents and all I can say is WOW! Nothing to do with PF but it is an interesting read.

Cheap Healthy Good did a brilliant and funny post about the Simpsons and good eating – I love the Simpsons so if you do too then check it out.

Money Ning has too much money on his hands and wanted some input as to whether he should buy an investment property.

The Personal Financier asks – would you be willing to pay 60% income tax for a higher level of social equality? Good questions for Canadians since we are pretty socialist already – would you be willing to go further? (another great blog)

Madison from My Dollar Plan quit her job and will be a pro-blogger, stay-at-home-mom and part-time construction supervisor (great photo). Congrats!

Million Dollar Journey had a very informative post on stock margin and how it works.

The Wisdom Journal has some suggestions for how to wreck your retirement. He also had a funny post on warning signs that your bank is about to fail. My fave was #11 – “Toasters? Out. Valet parking? In. Oddly enough, there’s a used car lot just next door…“.

The Financial Blogger had a great series on estate planning – it is in 5 parts and worth the read.

Where Does All My Money Go had a post on diworsification – don’t know what that means? Then read the post!

Blunt Money gives 9 good reasons not to buy a stock. The first one is “because you like the name of the company”. πŸ™‚

Amateur Asset Allocator had an excellent review of William Bernstein’s “The Intelligent Asset Allocator“.

Michael James wants to know why are financial advisors are paid from commissions? (excellent blog by the way)

Clever Dude wants to sell his big bad truck because he doesn’t need it and it is costing him a lot of money. Only problem is that he is so in love with said truck that he can’t let it go. Now he is finding that used truck prices are dropping.

For anyone out there who is obsessed with savings for their kids education at all costs – you might want to read why you shouldn’t pay for your child’s college education.

Money Ning talks about up-selling and how it can affect your budget. I always find posts about negotiations interesting – buying a car, house etc and learning about sales tactics (even in a restaurant) is the best way to be able to resist ordering more food/booze than you need.

We entered our first carnival of personal finance in ages which was hosted at Squawkfox!

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Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts in prayers, and asking your readers for same. We’re taking it one day at a time for now, and will be glad when all this is behind us.

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