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Squawkfox wrote an absolute fantastic post on surrounding yourself with excellence.  Whether you are trying to exercise, diet, save money or anything else – hanging out with the right people will help you achieve your goals.

Money Grubbing Lawyer (a very good new blog) wrote an entertaining post on the possibilities of going bankrupt and whether his life would have been better off if he had done that in the past.   Read the post and subscribe to his feed.

Thanks to Guiness416 who told us about this great story of a company that makes a lot of money from selling normal chocolate by pretending it is gold.  It’s a long one but worth the read.

Money Ning says that perceptions can change how we think about prices.  Having a good memory can also help in this situation – just because something (ie a house) is cheaper than it was 6 months ago doesn’t mean its cheap!).

Canadian Capitalist wrote a post commenting on a study written by a mutual fund analyst that apparently proves that index funds are not perfect. Which is silly because they are!

The Financial Blogger talks about how much hard work it is to earn passive income.  🙂

Canadian Dream has an idea about paying people according to their value to society. Sorry, but supply and demand determines salaries.

Canadian Dream also wrote about how the equity and real estate markets are wreaking havoc with his net worth goals.  I hate to say I told you so…but I told you so! 🙂  If you want to set goals then pick things that you have a fair bit of control over.  Net worth is not one of those things (unless you don’t have any assets).

Million Dollar Journey wrote about how indexing might not be for you.  Needless to say, this post generated a bit of controversy (or what passes for controversy in the blogosphere). 🙂

Michael James says that pennies are not worth the time. I agree!

Where Does All My Money Go did some analysis on whether a “buy and hold” investment strategy is the best way to go.

Blunt Money is adding insulation to her attic and is curious as to how much money she will save on utility bills.

Cleverdude’s wife got a ticket for going through a red light but he isn’t going to fight it.

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Good links this week, lads. I agree about the pennies. We have pennies all over the place … in my office desk drawers, in bedside table drawers, in a piggy bank, on random shelves and surfaces. I’m sure that there is enough to buy at least a bag of milk or something all told but I hate cashing them in ….

I like the fact that the chocolate people are from the GTA. It’s sort of funny to me that two kids from Oshawa are selling rich urbanites the world over chocolate at 20 bucks apiece or whatever it is.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Actually your post was helpful on me not getting too freaked out over this. I set the goal at the same time I knew I had zero control over it.

So now that house prices are dropping I’m not worried, I’m focusing on what I can control.


[…] good advice.? We’ve mentioned the chocolate article Guiness416 pointed us to a couple of times, and basically their business is based on this (buy in bulk, then get a massive markup […]

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