Friday Linkstuff

That’s right – the link post is moving from Saturday to…well this week it will be Friday. 🙂 We’ve decided to do the link post during the week and cut back on one of the regular posts.  Summer hours!  🙂

First off – Squawkfox did a very creative and exciting job on the stripped down, bare necessities version of Festival of Frugality – her best move was picking Mr. Cheap’s Everyman’s guide to earning $30/month in passive income post as a “tighty whitey”. If nothing else then please go and check out the photos and find out what a “tighty whitey” is.

Where Does All My Money Go did a neat video on how to read a stock quote – it’s a beginner type tutorial but if you want to hear the soothing sound of Preet’s silky voice then check it out.

Million Dollar Journey is wondering if BCE is a buying opportunity.

7 replies on “Friday Linkstuff”

Well squawkfox says in her comments there that she bought the undies, so if he asks nicely maybe she might send them to mr cheap. He might have to explain it to his room-mates though ….

@ Four Thank you for linking back to the Festival of Frugality: Bare Necessities Edition! 😀

@guinness905 Indeed. I had to buy the tighty whities. My “better half’s” undies are neither tight nor white. He’s more of a grey boxer-brief kind of guy.

@Mr. Cheap Be careful what you ask for. 😉

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