Friday Post

Just wanted to let you know there will be no post on Friday. I’ve been out of town and very busy and I haven’t gotten my post ready.

Monday I’ll have my last post for baby items – then a few posts on other baby related costs like wills, insurance, resp etc.

I wanted to leave you with one thought for the weekend – I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the last few days visiting in a hospital which I found quite depressing because of all the sick people there. It made me realize that while there is nothing wrong with sedentary activities like blogging, surfing, reading & watching tv, it’s important to take advantage of your physical abilities while you still have them. There will come a time when all you will be able to do is watch tv, so I think it’s worthwhile to make the time for walking, hiking, gardening – whatever physical activities you like to do, because someday those options won’t be there for you.

On that upbeat note – have a great weekend!

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You couldn’t be more right. I watched an elderly relative fade away over the last few years, past the point where he could read or watch TV as his eyes failed. All he could do at the end was talk to other people or listen to the radio, but his mind was still active and the lack of eyesight/mobility/etc. was a real disappointment to him. He had been very physically active most of his life and seeing how he was restricted towards the end of his life made me think the same thing you did.

I like to think of myself as immortal but the truth is I probably have – at best – less than 50 more good years for doing things I take for granted now, like walking in the sun.

Yeah, thanks for the upbeat post!! 🙂 Actually, it is in a way – reminds me to go out and enjoy a mild summer weekend…

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