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Here in Toronto, we are gearing up for the G20 summit next week. I think downtown Toronto is quite possibly the stupidest place to hold this sort of event, but needless to say, they didn’t ask my opinion.

I doubt there will be any trouble at the summit. With the number of security people on hand – anybody showing so much as a protest sign, will be beaten down pretty quick. If you are planning to protest – I suggest you don’t.

Another set of great links this week.

The Oblivious Investor wrote a good post on how do you pay your advisor? He brings up an excellent point that you shouldn’t be paying your advisor continuously, if you only need an occasional checkup or adjustment.

Fabrice Taylor from GlobeAdvisor raised some interesting accounting questions in REITs’ value getting harder to see.  I decided to sell my REITs a while ago because I didn’t understand their accounting very well.  This article confirms my decision.

Million Dollar Journey shows how to use the “Funds From Operation” method to value REITs.

Rachelle from Land Lord Rescue had a pretty funny post called 10 Tips on Renting to The Worst Tenants

Canadian Capitalist says there are only modest changes to CPP in the works.

The Financial Blogger gives some career advice and says that not asking for a raise, can be the best strategy for getting one. I’ve been following this strategy for 17 years with very, very limited success.

Preet explains how a Capital Loss Transfer works.


Pop Economics featured a recent post – The Stripper with Dirty Feet in the
Carnival of Personal Finance. He complained that the articles weren’t original enough, and yet the stripper story wasn’t good enough for an editor’s pick.

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Thanks for the link.

I have no idea why anybody holds any events downtown. I suppose you’ll find parking if you’re a diplomat but normal people will be SOL. Last time I went down there for the Comicon (yeah I’m a secret geek.) I had to pay $30 for 2 hours parking. The event cost $10 to get in and I got a coupon for 10$ which I used to buy a cool HHGTTG shirt that says Don’t Panic in large friendly letters.

So Comicon was cool – Parking not so much.

I was still living and worked in NYC the year the republicans decided to have their convention at Madison Square Garden. What a nightmare that was (and with the amount of people who stayed home from work, the attendees didn’t get to see anything beyond mostly-empty streets anyway, which kinda defeats the purpose of having these things downtown). My husband just got his official “get through the security” pass but I’m hoping he won’t have any meetings down there. Feel bad for the people living in “the zone”.

I agree holding the G20 in downtown Toronto isn’t the brightest idea. But I disagree on protests. This is a free country and those who want to protest should go ahead by all means.

Thanks for the link!

@CC – I agree that people should be allowed to protest, but the problem with the G8/G20 is that it is a target destination for professional trouble makers who do nothing but cause innocent people to get hurt when they get in the way.

@Rachelle – Geek!

@Guinness – Yes, the people living in or near the zone are getting screwed.

I agree people shouldn’t protest at this meeting, but it is a free country.

What irks me about these protests in particular is that they’re not protesting anything specifically. People will undoubtedly have signs “Harper is a War Criminal” and “Stop the Oil Leak!”. What does this have to do with the G20?

I doubt I will see any educated protests about the topics actually up for discussion, namely financial taxes/amount of capital banks need and trade agreements between the countries.

Sadly, I live/work right beside the protest zone 🙁

Hey Mike!

Thx for the mention. You know that sometimes, you need to ask for a raise as well 😉 it doesn’t hurt to push your employer a little bit further. I’m still waiting to see if not asking for a raise will pay back this year… no results so far 🙁

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