Globe & Mail Mention And RESP BOOK Review

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Dianne Nice of the Globe & Mail about year-end tips for RESP account.  You can read the entertaining article called: When it comes to your RESP, keep your eye on the ball.

Long after Barbie’s shoes have been sucked up the vacuum, their RESP money will still be growing, thanks to government grants and compounding interest. What could be more magical than that? (Hint, hint, grandparents.)

Awesome book review

Eric Schultz who writes at 2 Fat Dads, wrote a very complimentary review of The RESP Book.

I think this book will remain the RESP bible for quite some time.

Eric made a good point that the extra grant rules for for Quebec and Alberta residents could have been combined in one chapter.  In fact, my original draft did have these two topics in one chapter, but one of my editors pointed out the LAC federal publishing rule that any technical information regarding Quebec has to be kept in it’s own distinct chapter.

Thanks a lot to Dianne and Eric for the column and review!

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