Great Video Rant Against Homeowner Stimulus Package

Earlier today, I posted a lengthy article about why I thought the recent American homeowner rescue package was a waste of moneyThicken My Wallet, which is an excellent blog – posted a very funny Simpson’s reference as well as a link to a recent Rick Santelli rant on CNBC.  I just watched it (about 5 minutes) and it is quite entertaining so if you have some time on your hands then check it out.

Here is the link –

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I really like the “moral hazard” comment about each of us paying our own mortgage. -2% mortgages makes an excellent point also – if people can’t afford it they can’t afford it….pretty simple.

N911 – yup that is the bottom line. I try not to be judgemental about people who are in financial trouble – the reality is that most of us are only a job loss and some bad luck away from that ourselves.

Regardless, throwing good money after bad just doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for sharing that clip. I particularly liked his criticism of the multiplier effect. He’s (at least partially) right: If every dollar the government spent really did stimulate the economy by more than one dollar, ending a recession would be mindlessly easy.

But it’s not. So there must be a flaw in the logic somewhere….

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