Halloween Edition of 4P Traffic And Some LinkStuff

Another great month for traffic on 4P – 115,439 visits and 210,841 pageviews – both are records.

Top referrers for October

Occasionally I like to recognize the top referrers to Four Pillars – here they are for the month of October:

  1. Million Dollar Journey
  2. Canadian Capitalist
  3. The Globe and Mail
  4. Moolanomy
  5. Bible Money Matters
  6. Frugal Dad
  7. My Money Blog
  8. Canadian Mortgage Trends
  9. Wisebread
  10. Dividend Growth Investor

Thanks to those 10 sites and others that send traffic my way.

Visitors by country

I thought it would be interesting to show the percentage of visitors by country.

  1. United States 73%
  2. Canada 21%
  3. unknown 4%
  4. UK 0.3%
  5. Australia 0.3%
  6. India 0.14%
  7. Costa Rica 0.14%
  8. Germany 0.08%
  9. Phillipines 0.07%
  10. Ireland 0.07%

A couple of special links

Len Penzo is one of my favourite reads recently – he’s a great writer and quite funny.  Check out this family-oriented taste test to determine how store brands compare to brand name goods.

Thicken My Wallet had an interesting 2 part post on an issue that Mom2KG had when buying a house. Turns out there was an oil tank buried in the backyard – who knew? I find it interesting that she thought the real estate agent really stepped up to help. The fact is that the agent doesn’t get paid until the house deal closes so if something happens to put the deal in jeopardy – you can bet they will do everything they can to make it happen. Part 1 and Part 2.

The rest of the links

Million Dollar Journey aka Kathryn has some tips for using Kijiji or Craigslist.

Canadian Capitalist covers the cost of a future university degree.  This tied in well with my post this week on RESP – withdrawal of contributions.

The Intelligent Speculator looks at the charts for ValueClick (VCLK).

ABCs of Investing explains how to calculate capital gains and losses.

ABCs of Investing outlines the “bottoms up” investment method.


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