Summer LinkStuff and More Rob Carrick Books

A while ago I reviewed Rob Carrick’s excellent book – new book “Rob Carricks’s Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today“.  I managed to get a copy of his previous book, “How to Pay Less and Keep More For Yourself: The Essential Consumer Guide to Canadian Banking and Investing” out of the library and gave it a quick read.  How to Pay Less and Keep More For Yourself is a pretty good book.  It’s more basic than his most recent book and a bit dated in a few places.  However, there is a lot of good advice regarding banking ie bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages.  The investing section is pretty good too.  Most MSB readers would be better served getting this book from the library, however it might make a good gift for someone who is just getting started with managing their own money.

On with the links

Where Does All My Money Go talks about a contago killing commodity ETF. Are contagos good things or bad things?  Read to find out.

Canadian Capitalist discusses the paradox of financial advice.

Million Dollar Journey has some tips on how to save money when eating out.

Thicken My Wallet says that investing in yourself is a good investment.

Michael James clearly has a man crush on Moshe Milevsky – he reviews Your Money Milestones which apparently is an excellent book.

The Oblivious Investor has some pretty good basic investment advice.

Larry MacDonald thinks that Manulife is a contrarian buy.

For the bloggers

Blogthority shows how to write money making posts more efficiently.


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