I Need Your Vote + Links

I’m competing in a blogger competition and I need your vote!  Head on over to Free Money Finance and leave a comment with the word “trust”.  The winner of the competition gets $500 donated to their favourite charity.  I picked the American Diabetes Association.  I would have picked the Canuck one but it had to be a US one.

A couple of links:

Finance Freelance Life wrote an excellent post which reminds us that peer-2-peer lending is no substitute for a savings account.

David Olive from the Toronto Star wonders is Warren Buffett the next Bill Miller? Bill Miller is a mutual fund manager who had a great run but has done horrible in the last few years.  A very good article – quite critical of Buffett.

Million Dollar Journey says it’s a great time to buy a new house.

The Financial Blogger needs to blog less and eat less and exercise some more!

It was Derek Foster week over at Canadian Capitalist – check out what went wrong with the Derek Foster strategy?

Carnival of personal finance was held at Green Panda Finance – she had an “independent music” theme so check it out.

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