Kentucky Unemployment Benefits Extension – 20 More Weeks With H3548

Like most states, Kentucky has been hit hard by the financial meltdown of 2008 and subsequent economic slowdown and recession.  Many jobs have been lost and for some unlucky people – it will be a long road back to employment.  The national unemployment rate has been rising steadily over the last few years and has recently broken the 10% barrier and sites at 10.2%.

Kentucky, the “Bluegrass State” hasn’t been spared from the economic damage.  The most recent unemployment rate in Kentucky was 11.2% in October which was up 0.3% from 10.9% in September.  Among those unemployed are significant numbers of people who have been unemployed long enough to either exhaust their unemployment benefits or come close to exhausting them.

To counter the problem of long-term unemployed running out of benefits the federal government has funded several benefit extensions.  These are mainly funded as part of the economic stimulus package for 2009.

Bill H3548 has been passed and put into law – this will allow all states an extra 13 weeks of employment benefits as well as another 6 weeks if the unemployment rate is higher than 8.5%.  It also increases the Tier 2 EUC benefits from 13 weeks to 14 weeks.  In total – this bill will add 20 weeks of unemployent benefits for long-term unemployed people in Kentucky.

Here is the current benefits available in Kentucky:

  • EUC Tier 1 – 20 weeks  (7 weeks plus 13 weeks)
  • EUC tier 2 – 14 weeks (used to be 13)
  • EB  – 20 weeks
  • EUC tier 3 (new with bill H3548) 13 weeks or 19 weeks (if > 8.5%)

This adds up to a total of 99 weeks.

For information on how to extend your benefits then please visite your state unemployment website or office.  To be eligible you need to exhaust your benefits by the end of the year (2009).  Because the latest bill has increased tier 2 by 1 week this could affect your eligibility for the extension.  According to NELP (National Employment Law Project) there would have been around 1 million Americans who run out of benefits in January of 2010 and 3 million by March 2010.  Current benefits are in Kentucky are $440 per week.

Kentuckians and Hoosiers who have exhausted all 79 weeks of unemployment benefits or will do so by the end of the year are eligible for up to 20 more weeks.
The extended benefits pay 54 percent of the person’s original unemployment compensation for the first week, 50 percent for the next 13 weeks and 24 percent for the final six weeks.
Unless Congress acts, the federal extensions will phase out at the end of the year. Residents will continue receiving benefits for their current tier in 2010, but will not be able to move the next tier. There are four federal tiers, each lasting from six weeks to 20 weeks.

What to do – Kentucky
Those who may be eligible for the 20-week extension will receive letters from the state Office of Employment and Training with instructions on claiming the benefits. Residents will be able to file a claim in about two weeks, according to state officials, and claiming early will not result in receiving checks sooner.

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The house will possibly vote on Wednesday on a bill that would eliminate the job creation and just settle on extending unemployment and the continuation of Cobra. Hopefully cutting out a large chunk of the jobs creating bill will set better with the Republican opposition. They are trying to get it out of the house this week to give the Senate time to vote on it before going on their July 4th break. My unemployment has already come to a screeching halt. If the link above does not work…just contact your Representative and urge them to vote yes on this.

Thanks to all for your help and let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Friends –

We have a brief window of opportunity to get Congress to reinstate the EUC and EB programs before it goes on a week-long recess for the 4th of July. Today, Rep. McDermott (D-WA) introduced H.R. 5618, The Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act, which will, if passed, restore the EUC and Extended Benefits programs, retroactive to their expiration on June 2, 2010.

We are working to get a vote on this bill tomorrow, June 30th, and need your help. We are asking you to contact your Member in the House of Representatives and demand that he or she support H.R. 5618. Please call (202)224-3121 today to reach your member of Congress. If we all keep fighting, we can make this happen!

So this week it’s very important that all of you contact your own Representatives with a consistent message: abandoning the unemployed will NOT help cure the deficit problems, it will only enhance those problems. They MUST act within the next few days and vote to restore the EUC and EB programs and funding through the end of November, 2010. DO NOT GO HOME until the job is done!

Please share this message with your friends and family and please take action TODAY!


The National Employment Law Project’s team

P.S. Don’t forget to tell all your friends to write Congress and ask for an extension of jobless benefits by clicking

Hey there 67and68…you seem to be the one with the answers but if anyone else knows…please reply!
I just found this site and thought I would ask a question since I cant get through to local office. I have been unemployed since 9/09, I have received 2 or 3 EB checks since filing my first extension. Went for my review 2 weeks ago and was told I would continue getting EB checks until my balance on check is zero and then EB was over (unless congress approves extension). I still have a balance, went online to order my check and it said it was being processed. That was 1 week ago. Received the $25 stimulus check today but still have not received EB check. So am I not going to get anymore EB checks while I still have a balance? If not…why would I still get the stimulus check?

If you are on a federal extension (EUC) tier, or regular state unemployment you can continue to receive the balance you have. If on the state extension (EB), due to the federal funding source, nothing can be paid after paying out week ending 06/05/10 regardless of your balance. This is as of now, things could change any time.

The State expected the deadlines for the extensions and the $25 bonus to be extended. When that did not happen, some bonus checks went out by mistake. The lack of Senate action on the unemployment extensions caught many states off guard and hasty reprogramming sometimes fails to catch everything.

If the office told you that you would be able to draw out your balance you have left, you must be on the federal extension and not EB. You can tell the difference by how you have to request the checks on the computer. If you have to type in the employers you contact each week when requesting your check, then you are on EB. If you do not know what I am referring to then you are on the federal extension.

Thanks 67and68 for all your help. One (?) more question – I thought my husband was suppose to keep requesting checks even though his balance has run out so that if it is federally funded he would receive checks retro, but he can’t file anymore. Do you know what will happen if it is re-instated? How are the unemployed suppose to request help? Thanks in advance, Kim

Most of the states systems will no longer accept certifications after a claim balance reaches zero. Congress will, if they ever can reach agreement, address retroactive weeks in the bill they pass. Sometimes it has been passed fully retroactive, sometimes not. I am pretty confident that the states will allow backdating to whatever point that Congress allows. Right now there is no guarantee that anything will be done, the two parties are at odds as to whether or not an unemployment extension should be passed that adds to the national debt. The Democrats want to label it emergency spending while the Republicans want it paid for from some source and neither side is budging, and that is where they stand now.

Sad that they choose to play “political ping pong” with so many lives. This is what we must remember in November. You be there for me…I’ll be there for you. Otherwise vote them out. They were quick to aid Wall Street because it benefited many Congressmen.

Kentucky began sending out the retroactive extension checks Tuesday (July 27) of last week.

Today (September 5, 2010) I filed for my check online. I am currently on tier 1 of the extension program. After I receive this check my balence will be 0.00 dollars. Will I automatically be moved to tier 2 ? Or do I need to file a new claim? I dont want to wait 2 weeks and request a check only to find out I need to file a claim. Then I will have to wait another 2 weeks to request my check. Ive being working a temp job off and on the last year. So its been a long time since I entered tier 1 of the extension program. Any help would be appreciated. Also its great to find a forum where people can add questions about unemployment and not be ridiculed. Oh by the way I live in Kentucky .

Today (September 5, 2010) I filed for my check online. I am currently on tier 1 of the extension program. After I receive this check my balance will be 0.00 dollars. Will I automatically be moved to tier 2 ? Or do I need to file a new claim? I dont want to wait 2 weeks and request a check only to find out I need to file a claim. Then I will have to wait another 2 weeks to request my check. Ive being working a temp job off and on the last year. So its been a long time since I entered tier 1 of the extension program. Any help would be appreciated. Also its great to find a forum where people can add questions about unemployment and not be ridiculed. Oh by the way I live in Kentucky .

I have been getting umployment benefits since May 2010, and I get 2 more checks, (1) check which I will call in on the 20th of November for the whole two weeks and then the second on for only $270.00, which isn’t a full week, will I be able to get a extension for 20 more weeks? I am trying hard to get back to work. I sure could use this extension till I can get back to work. Let me know something as soon as possible.

The way I understand it, and I have some confirmation of this, if you run out of the regular state benefits with the week ending November 20, 2010, you can apply for the federal extension. If you run out of one of the federal extension tiers with the week ending November 27, 2010, you will advance to the next tier, otherwise you can only finish your tier. The state extension (EB) will dead flat stop with the first week ending in December regardless of balance.

Kathy, as I understand it … “0” claims means that you have exhausted the balance in your unemployment claim. The “in claims” means that you probably have an extension and I know on this last extension that checks have to be requested online (no automated phone service) I don’t think you have to open another claim…I believe the money is automatically put into your account. My question is if you are on extended benefits already (the one voted on in July to go 20 weeks or thru November,) if you have a balance at the end of November and they do not approve another extension, do you still get to draw until you balance is zero?

I have exhausted my tier 3 fund and still no job the lady at the unemployment office said to I have another review in February although I have no funds left in my account. Does this mean that there is some talk in congress to extend any benefits?

If the State EB stops dead flat the week of Dec 4th and you have a balance are you able to draw that balance if Congress passes another extension?


Certainly Congress could (with the President’s approval of course) make a continuation of EB happen. They make the laws so they could add even more benefit weeks or stop the federal extensions entirely or anything in between. Prior question, If you empty the tier 3 money on the federal extension on or prior to the week ending 11/27/2010, then you should roll into tier 4 which is 6 more weeks usually. You can finish any tier of the EUC (federal extension) you qualify for before the expiration date, but not the EB (state extension). Can Congress make it any more confusing, you might be surprised ?¿?

I just exhausted another tier, and the phone message said that I had no more I could claim. I am in Kentucky, and my unemployment date was july 17, 2009. I’m going on 59, and nothing is sticking, so I am finishing up my last few college classes part time while trying to find employment, my old job is glutted with people, and i don’t graduate until May when I become viable in the new job. They wanted that Bachelors. When they had me refile, is that EUC, EU or what, this is becoming really confusing. I am not ready to retire, and the wierd thing was that I was legally blind while I worked and was done in by my employer while I got my eyes fixed, now I can see better than when I was 20 but can’t find work. Where am I sitting on this situation. When I refiled they told me to request my check on Feb. 20th. If I have a total of 99 weeks they might just save a few, there are three employers who say they will take me once that degree is done in may. With approximately four weeks or so to go at that rate. so have have I got more to come or am I finished heck, I’m looking and would love to work but I havent a chance without that degree. As you can probably guess it is in healthcare.

Linda, it is very confusing and many say that is so less people will file for all that they are entitled to. I don’t know if I believe that, but anyway, you need to go to the website and rather than click request a check, you need to click file a claim. You are filing for your EB (Extended Benefits). Just follow the instructions. You can only file online for Extended Benefits (No more requesting by phone) because you will need to enter 2 places that you attempted to find work during each week. Your check will come this week once you file this claim. You have not reached your 99 weeks yet, just the end of the regular tiers. Hope this helps and good luck!

MEETING FOR 99ERS and HR589…..Barbara Lee’s statement after the meeting: “We had a productive meeting with the Speaker and the Majority Leader to discuss this critical issue of providing aid for long-term unemployed workers. Speaker Boehner encouraged us to work with the House Ways and Means Committee to move this bill forward, and while we will certainly do so, we maintain that these long term unemployed workers deserve a floor vote NOWWWWWWWW

I live in ky and recieved a letter with my check that i got on wed saying that I would only recieve 1 more check because the unemployment rate has dropped. I am on my first eb program and still have 1700 dollars in my accout to claim but the state said that i would not get that money. I have been drawing unemployment since 4/2010 and i should be eligible for another eb extenstion after the one that i was on. What am i suppose to do now. I have bills to pay and still no job and i will be cutoff the week of april 10th even though i still have money to claim. If anyone can help me please respond as soon as possible. Is there a federal program that exists that i can apply for instead of the state benefits so i can continue to draw my benefits, at least the $1700 that is currently available on my current claim. I have been putting in up to 4 applications a day with no progress and now they are just cutting me off and feeding me to the wolves. Please help me! Sincerely jobless and hopeless in Kentucky. One more thing if the unemployment rate goes back up will i be notified and be eligible for the money that was left on my claim?

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