Just a few links to posts that really stuck to my mind lately:

Violent Acres, who is easily my favourite blogger came out with this gem recently. I should warn you that her posts are not for family viewing. It’s a bit early but that post might be the post of the year for me.

PaidTwice attempted what I consider to the be the ultimate test in black belt frugality – Making her own baby wipes. As a relatively new father (13 months), I would rank this feat up there with jumping the Snake River Canyon or perhaps sewing your own seat belts. It didn’t really work out for her, but she sounds like she will give it another shot.

The Baglady wrote about her SuperDuperUltraCheap x-boyfriend. This guy puts Mr. Cheap to shame, and I have to agree with Baglady that she made the right choice. There’s something wrong with that guy!

I was in the latest Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Blunt Money. My interview with favourite reader “Telly” regarding her situation of living in Canada and working in America was listed in the Carnival. I have no idea what “Blunt Money” refers to but she did a pretty good job with hosting the carnival and even created a special puzzle which was quite nice.

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Ha-ha-ha… I love it! If anyone finds a female version of “the super cheap ex-boyfriend” please introduce her to me.

I think he might kill himself eating spaghetti.

One thing I always wonder about misers is what they’re actually saving for? It would be one thing if this guy hated working and was saving for a very early retirement (she doesn’t mention that though) or he wanted to start a business or something, but I get the feelings he’s being cheap for the sake of being cheap. Whoever inherits his money when he dies will appreciate it, but neither he nor anyone he cares about will benefit from it while he’s alive, so why bother? (like with too much insurance, it just gives people a reason to want you dead ;-).

Hello there my favorite Canadians! Yeah, I’m not really sure why he saves so much. He said that he wants to buy a house and move out of his parent’s house, but he already has a downpayment saved up. It is true that our real estate values are kind of ridiculous, but I doubt that he will move out even if he found the home of his dreams. I didn’t really break up with him because he is extremely cheap or anything. It’s just that he didn’t really seem to want to start a family and move out of his parents’ house.

Baglady: I think even though the real estate in the Bay area is expensive, it can be a really good investment (it seem to just keep going up). The Bay area is an INCREDIBLE place to live, which somewhat justifies the ever increasing price – steady and increasing demand. The steady economic improvement of the area supports the growth too.

That being said, I’d have a hard time paying $600K for a 1 bedroom condo (or whatever they’re going for in the Bay area these days).

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