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Andrew Hallam is a Canadian teaching in Singapore who wrote a best selling book called Millionaire Teacher.   I had the pleasure of meeting up with Andrew recently in Singapore and even went running with him several times.  Andrew is a pretty good runner, but he was nice enough to slow down, so I could keep up.  🙂

He sent me a copy of his book and I have to say that he did a fantastic job putting together a great introduction to personal finance and couch potato investing.  Andrew spent a lot of time writing and then rewriting the book numerous times.  He told me that he tested out material for his book on his colleagues and after they kept coming back saying they couldn’t understand what he wrote – he kept rewriting the book until they all understood the material.

The book covers his “Nine rules of wealth you should have learned in school”, which include various lessons on spending, investor psychology, index investing and how to build a portfolio.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to look after their own investments, but doesn’t know where to start.  The book can be ordered from Amazon or purchased in any bookstore.

For a more indepth book review, check out Squawkfox’s very detailed review.

Have you read this book?  Did you like it?

Kindle Sale Ending Soon

A reminder that the half priced sale of my RESP Book – Kindle version is ending in a couple of days.

On with the links

Canadian Capitalist wrote that you shouldn’t bother with retirement planning if you are less than 40.  I agree.  There are too many assumptions you have to make to do proper retirement planning – future expenses, investment returns, inflation rates.  As I point out in the comments, this doesn’t mean that young people shouldn’t be doing financial planning.

Apparently the airlines are finally advertising the actual price of their flights.  Imagine that!

Michael James reviewed the book Moneyball.  I watched the movie coming back from Singapore and it was excellent!  I love reading anything by Michael Lewis, so you can be sure that I’ll be getting this book from the library soon.

Boomer & Echo had a great post about health and dental insurance which points out that they aren’t really insurance.  In fact they are really a form of a health savings account.

Holy Potato concludes that he doesn’t need any life insurance.  I think he’s dead wrong.

Robb Engen from Boomer & Echo wrote a good post on Cheap hotel rates:  An Insider’s tips over at Moneyville.  Rob used to work in the hotel industry, so he really is an insider.

My Own Advisor just slayed one of his financial dragons – read the article to find out which one.

Oblivious Investing explains how to clean up your investment portfolio.

Million Dollar Journey is curious about the Facebook IPO and wonders if it will be as good as an investment as Google.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t say if he’s planning to buy any himself.

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I bought a copy of Millionaire Teacher and gave it to my 22 year old son for Christmas. A new graduate and now working with lots of money sitting in the bank, I knew he needed to learn a lot about investing.

Now he is telling me all sorts of things and feels confident about going ahead. I do have to remind him that times change, and that in the early 90s when some of my funds garnered a 44% and 50% annual return, I didn’t really worry about the MERs!

Now its my turn to read the book.

I just read the book last summer and loved it; I was amazed at all the research demonstrating that even the best can’t beat index funds over the long term. I started buying up the 3 Canadian ones he suggested in my longer-term accounts, including my son’s RESP: XIU.TO, XIN.TO, & XSP.TO but am waiting on bonds as I think they’re going to drop a LOT. Great that you got to meet him, Mike!

Ellen, if you are going to purchase it and have a Costco membership (or know someone who does) try them. $11.99 I believe is what I paid and it’s the cheapest I could find. This was a Costco in Ottawa. But I suspect many/most of the Costco’s across Canada carry the same stock.

Great book for newcomers such as myself!

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