LinkStuff – Canada Day And Lost Cheque Edition

Happy Canada Day for those of you who are Canadian.

I was doing some unpacking last week and I found a bunch of unopened mail and various other documents.  I haven’t moved lately, but I still had a box or two of junk to go through from my 2nd last move (six years ago).  🙂

Anyway, I found an old birthday card from my Mom.  She always gives me $100 for a birthday present.  The card was opened, but the cheque was still in the card.  Unfortunately the banks don’t take cheques dated from 2004.  Luckily she was visiting at the time and give me $100.  No mention of any accrued interest however.

On with the links

The Oblivious Investor says that portfolio perfection is not an achievable goal.

Sustainable Personal Finance details their financial plan for the future.

Million Dollar Journey covered some key stock ratios.

Retire Happy blog says that free financial consultations are not such a great deal.

Canadian Capitalist says that covered calls are not that great.

Boomer & Echo reveals their dark side with 4 sinful stocks to own.

Michael James calculates that currency exchange costs are far more significant than trading commissions.

10 replies on “LinkStuff – Canada Day And Lost Cheque Edition”

You’ve inspired me to start unpacking all the boxes I’ve just packed away to look for lost treasure.

Enjoy your long weekend!

@Echo – I strongly recommend waiting at least five years – that way the surprise will be that much better.

@SM – No. 🙂 I was actually surprised she gave me any money.

@Jim – That’s what I was expecting.

I love finding lost money. Usually when I go through my coats after the season is over, theres always a $20 somewhere. Free money!

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