LinkStuff – Creditors Hiding In The Forest Edition

My daughter is almost three and likes to repeat pretty much everything she hears. Recently she was watching a dinosaur show where they mentioned “predators in the forest”. Now she keeps warning us of the “creditors in the forest and other meat-eaters too”. 🙂  Ok, maybe you had to be there.

On with the links

Krystal from Give Me Back My Five Bucks lists her 8 favourite financial bloggers. Guess who made the list?

Ever been dangled?  I have.   When someone gets you to do something on the promise of future awards = You’ve been dangled.

Million Dollar Journey had a good post on Canadian stock screeners.

Canadian Capitalist says you can save money by flying out of an American airport if you are traveling to an American city.

Moneyville has some advice about what to do with all that free time in retirement.

Adam Goodman tells about some friends who budgeted $25,000 for their wedding – and spent $60,000.

Boomer and Echo says that inflation rates are not as bad as they seem. I agree – nice to see some reasonable commentary about inflation.

Oblivious Investor wonders if you should you trust financial simulations?

Dakshana Bascaramurtry wrote about silly extended warrantees. Great idea that the price of the warrantee could be indicator of the product reliability.

Michael James doesn’t like currency-hedged US stock funds and ETFs. I completely agree. Note that it also applies to any foreign country, not just the US.

Larry MacDonald hosted a funny quiz to see if you and your spouse are financially compatible.

Retire Happy blog asks if RRIF minimum withdrawals should be lowered? This is a bit of a non-issue, in my opinion, but some seniors would benefit with lower minimums.

The Financial Blogger claims he turned down $250,000. Find out why.

Rob Carrick interviewed the author of Moolala – Why smart people do dumb things with their money.

Dianne Nice from the Globe & Mail says that students need an education in debt repayment.

Investing Thesis hosted the Canadian Investing Carnival.

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7 replies on “LinkStuff – Creditors Hiding In The Forest Edition”

My daughter is getting to that age now, and it’s been fun trying to interpret some of the crazy things she says. Creditors in the forest is pretty funny.

Thanks for the mention Mike, and have a great weekend!

Thanks for the mention . . . maybe your next book should be “The funny things kids say…”. If you need one for the book, my two year old boy said “Daddy, I poo pooed” as he held up his hand full of brown stuff. Actually, that wasn’t very funny!
Have a great day!

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