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We had a big media mention last week in the National Post – unfortunately they are a pay site so no direct link, however the article also appeared in the Calgary Herald.

In yet another media mention, a fine post by Mr. Cheap called Does passive income really exist? was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal’s Wallet blog.  In case you are thinking this might be some little nothing blog under the WSJ umbrella – none other than Jason Zweig (your money or your brain) published a post a bit after our mention.  He wrote about “Has pessimism gone too far?” – I respectfully disagree – there is never enough pessimism!! 🙂

Rob Carrick, my favourite finance journalist did a live chat last week and yours truly managed to sneak in a question.  The topic was market volatility – check it out.

The Globe and Mail had an excellent article on the potential future of the big 3 American auto makers – and it’s not pretty!

Squawkfox created a great list (with pics) of 10 frugal homemade gift ideas for Christmas.

Canadian Capitalist thinks that Buffett is not losing his touch.  I’m not so sure.

Million Dollar Journey had a good post on cash flow damming.  This is a tax technique where you pay expenses for your small business from your line of credit and use your revenue to pay down non-deductible debt (ie mortgage).  The net result is that you end up legally transferring non-deductible debt to deductible debt.  Mr. Cheap suggested this to me a few weeks ago and I am going to consider doing this.

Financial Blogger says that money is falling from the sky is his post about the US government bailout plan of 2008.

Clever Dude says he is officially stuck in his house because it is worth less than he paid for it.  I would argue he is only psychologically stuck.

Blunt Money has some great advice about how to cut down on over-the-top gift exchanges.  Couldn’t agree more!

Money Ning asks if saving money is always worth it.

The Intelligent Speculator says that corporate bonds are not so safe.

Investing School explains 401(k) retirement plans.

Credit Toolbox has some advice for dealing with credit agencies.

ABCs of Investing wrote about index funds and explains what interest payments are.


Living Almost Large hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Carnival of Financial Planning.

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Congrats on a nice mention in the Post. Being a nasty eurolefty I didn’t see it, so glad you could dig it up. Never realized the extent to which “Mike and Mr Cheap” sounds like a radio presenting team. I see podcasts in your future. The writer gets downright fanboyish when discussing canadian capitalist though!

Thanks Guinness. Yes, the CC writeup was quite positive- I’m surprised CC wasn’t listed first.

“Mike and Mr. Cheap” does sound like a radio team – lol. This weekend is the Four Pillars Staff Xmas bash so maybe we’ll make some recordings. “Christmas singalong with Mike and Mr. Cheap” 🙂

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