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My friend Mike Hereux from the Dividend Guy blog has written a book about dividend stocks called Dividend Growth: Freedom Through Passive Income.

It’s a pretty good guide on dividend investing and includes everything from stock selection to diversification to taxes. If you want to learn more about dividend investing, this book is a good value.

So far it is only available on Kindle, but Mike has promised that a print version is forthcoming. Remember that you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books – they can read on any computer or smart phone.

One of the neat features of this book is that there is both a Canadian and American edition.

Here are the links to the books in the Kindle bookstore:

On with the links

 Boomer & Echo wrote a really good post illustrating the need for disability insurance with a real life example.  I’ve had conversations with people who thought that only people with manual jobs need disability.  This isn’t the case at all.

This article shows some proper financial planning strategies for low income seniors.  If you are in this group or know someone who is, send this info to them.

 Michael James does some research to show that a bond & stock portfolio isn’t likely to outperform an all-stock portfolio over the long haul.  You should add bonds or other fixed income products to reduce volatility, not to increase returns.

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