Linkstuff Feb 13

Had a hosting problem this week so time for a new host!  I’ll be switching in the next couple of weeks.

On with the links…

Million Dollar Journey tells us How to Take Advantage of the Market After the Crash of 2008.

My Two Dollars warns us not to Bury Our Financial Heads In The Sand.

Preet at Where Does All My Money Go discusses How Much of an RESP Should Be Invested in Fixed Income.

Financial Blogger dreams about Valentine’s Day Dates.

The Consumer Boomer has a timely discussion about Managing Retirement Assets in the Event of a Layoff.

Good Financial Cents lets us in on the Top 6 Reasons Why High School Students Think You Should Invest.

The Oblivious Investor talks about Treating Mutual Funds Like Stocks.

Money Ning reminds us to Buy What We Need.

The Dividend Guy shares 11 Things he Won’t Do in his investment process.

Green Panda Treehouse tells us there is an Upside of the Credit Crunch for Students.

Blunt Money asks Are They Really Conflicting Viewpoints?, buying the cheaper item or not wanting to spend money.

Canadian Capitalist asks How Is The Recession Affecting You?

The Intelligent Speculator explains the reasoning behind Shorting Stocks.

Investing School details The Role of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation – SIPC.

ABCs of Investing wrote about Stock and ETF Symbols and describes Dividend Increases and Cuts.


Dollar Frugal hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance Wizard of Oz Edition.

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I’m switching to Lunar Pages – it has telephone support (unlike DreamHost). It’s just shared hosting but I don’t think having the Dreamhost vps was really worthwhile anyways.

It’s only $60US for a year so no big risk to try them out.

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