Linkstuff Feb 27

The weight

I was brave this week and weighed myself – 182.5 which is down a bit from the last couple of weigh-ins.  I need to keep working at it however.  I’ve been doing a lot of running lately (3-4 times per week) so I’m doing very well on the exercise side but the diet needs a bit more discipline (as always).

The links

Moolanomy wrote a very entertaining post about a bad car buying experience – all I can say is that I’m glad he ended up walking away from those crooks!

The Wisdom Journal says you should stick your strengths.  Excellent post.

Canadian Capitalist warns us about The Danger in Chasing Yield. Good thing I’ve never done that!!

Michael James discusses the Canadian Auto Bailout. Like me, he doesn’t think it’s a great idea.

Financial Blogger has an interesting take on predictions in The Danger of Rationality.

The Oblivious Investor asks Have You Run the Numbers?

Million Dollar Journey talks about Holding a Mortgage Within an RRSP. Sounds like too much hassle.

Money Ning challenges us with What Would Happen If You Plan and Budget for All Spending?

Good Financial Cents asks Are You Vested?

The Consumer Boomer follows up on his rant about a certain credit card company.

Blunt Money tells us that Fear is a Stronger Motivator than Greed.

Preet discovers How the Pros are Investing Their Money.

The Intelligent Speculator looks at When Investing Becomes a Big Giant Gamble.

Investing School gives us The First Guide on dividend Yields.

ABCs of Investing wrote about  Taxable Vs Non-Taxable Investment Accounts and Market Orders.


Carnival of personal finance was held at Broke Grad Student.

The Skilled Investor hosted the Carnival of Financial Planning.

4 replies on “Linkstuff Feb 27”

Thanks for the mention. After serious effort for the last couple of months, my weight is about 5 lbs below yours. Good luck catching up. I actually focus more on my percentage of body fat. I have a bathroom scale that purports to measure fat percentage. I don’t know how accurate it is, but changes in the reported level seem to make sense. My weight has been steady for the last few weeks, but fat level dropped 1%, which is consistent with the slightly thicker muscles I seem to have.

Michael – Congrats on the weight loss. So you are ahead of me eh? Do I smell the hint of competition in the air? 🙂

FT – I’m definitely an outdoorsy runner – our house is too small for a treadmill and I’m not sure if I would use it enough to justify the cost anyway. It can be difficult in the winter – especially when it gets icy.

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