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Newish Canadian Blog Alert!

Here is yet another new Canadian blog which I really enjoy – Money Grubbing Lawyer has been around for a few months and has put out quite a few entertaining articles.  He’s a pretty smart guy and while he writes about money and personal finance, he doesn’t hesitate to go into other topics as well.

Some posts I really liked from MGL:

The rest of the links

Where Does All My Money Go is trying out for a host spot on the W network.  This short (3 mins) video is very entertaining so I urge you to check it out.  If you want to vote then watch the video (or start watching at least) and then click on the stars under the video screen (prefereably the one furthest to the right).  Preet is a very funny guy and I really think that with a lot of makeup and a nice dress – he could do a pretty good Tina Fey impression.  🙂

Fascinating post on tipping – the history etc.  I can understand why waiters etc are pro-tips – what I can’t understand is the deep-seated belief in a lot of people that they have to tip no matter what.  And that there is no other way for service workers to earn a decent wage (supposedly).

Speaking of tips – My Dollar Plan made a shocking discovery that her XXXXX service provider – she didn’t say who it was (although I’m pretty sure it was the nanny) – doesn’t declare her income. Although I’m a bit shocked that MDP was shocked about this – she makes a great point that people should pay the taxes they owe.  This is the real reason that waiters and other service workers love the tipping system – it has nothing to do with exceptional service but rather, exceptional opportunities for tax cheating.

Now on to a completely unrelated topic – That One Caveman suggests that a great way to get professional services is to use the barter system.  This of course assumes that you have some sort of professional service to offer and I’m positive that taxes will be paid on all such transactions.

I thought this was one of the best posts I’ve read in a while – it is a combination of Tyler Durden’s (Fight Club) rules of life and having a remarkable life.  A great read especially if you liked the Fight Club.

Clever Dude is facing the bear in the face and doubling his 401(k) contributions.  Whether it is your RRSP or 401(k) plan or whatever – now is the time to be brave.

Paid Twice talks about the challenge of getting out of debt and budgeting with irregular income.

Canadian Capitalist wants to know who is to blame for the credit crisis?  There are a lot of parties involved in this mess and CC covers them all.

Million Dollar Journey had an interesting post on Doctors salaries.  They aren’t as high as MDJ thought – I was surprised at how much GPs make.


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Techically, you have to pay taxes on bartering transactions – especially when value is created for both parties. But smaller, neighborhood things like fixing someone’s computer because they helped you move isn’t necessary. Thanks for the mention!

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