LinkStuff For a Hot Saturday, July 17 – Kids Driving Me Nuts Edition

I personally think kids are great and I enjoy spending time with mine. However, like everything – too much of a good thing isn’t so good. It can get tiresome after a while.

Judith Timson wrote about how parenting is no fun. She is reacting another post about parenting in New York Mag which outlines all the problems of being a parent.

Jennifer Senior wrote that NY Mag article about parenting called All Joy and No Fun. Some great quotes like “They’re a huge source of joy, but they turn every other source of joy to shit”. Couldn’t agree more.  🙂

Garth Turner wrote an absolutely hilarious post about property virgins. I don’t agree with much of what Garth has to say, but this post was spot on.

My Wife Quit Her Job is a site that I just started reading – it is fantastic for those of us who are into online entrepreneurship. The writer Steve is one smart guy and I love reading his posts.   This post was just excellent: Starting A Business: Convincing Yourself To Take Action

Canadian Tax Resource is starting a new tax advisory service. I’m interested in the question of whether or not to incorporate.

Million Dollar Journey had an interesting post about investment loans.

The Oblivous Investor shows how to calculate real estate investment return.

The Financial Blogger reveals how we evaluate our online business.

Larry MacDonald says that retirement pensions improvements might not be necessary.

Squawkfox put together an expense tracking spreadsheet for the holidays.

Preet says that the Eco Fee is a tax.

Canadian Capitalist put together some useful used car pricing resources.

Canajun Finances wrote about pet insurance.


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Thanks for the mention. From a purely tax & finance point of view, incorporation may make sense if you plan on holding the net income in the business or paying it out to a lower tax bracket family member.

Contact me and we can talk about it.

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