Linkstuff For Aug 19

The Toronto Star had a great post on the US financial institutions that benefited greatly from bailouts but for some reason aren’t returning the favor.

Nancy Zimmerman (Money Coach) is thinking of buying a house on impulse – go and give her some advice!

Remodeling This Life wonders where time went now that her kids are about to start school. Very nice post.

One of the more amusing and clever posts I’ve read in a while was from WiseBread – Remember where you parked your car and 35 more practical uses of a digital camera.

The Financial Highway had some tips to keep emotions out of investing.

The Bag Lady had an interesting take on the Cash for Clunkers program – she says let’s burn down houses.

Million Dollar Journey had a great post by staff writer Kathryn about whether to buy or rent a house when she moves to Toronto. Tons of great comments.

Canadian Capitalist is finally getting around to starting a TFSA.

ABCs of Investing wrote about investment real return.


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