Linkstuff For Jan 30, 2009

Million Dollar Journey gives his views on the 2009 Budget

My Two Dollars wrote about a restaurant where the staff voted to work for tips only.

Preet has a book giveaway.

Financial Blogger talks about Critical Illness Insurance.

The Money Gardener reflects on the recession.

Good Financial Cents discusses types of trusts and when you might want to put one in place.

The Oblivious Investor takes issue with the definition of risk.

Dividend Growth Investor suggests Using Tax Loss Harvesting to Find Dividend Bargains.

Money Ning reminds us why we need to keep receipts.

Consumer Boomer talked about fixed annuities for boomers.

Cash Money Life wrote about how the economic stimulus check affects your 2008 tax return.

Green Panda Treehouse reviews H&R Block Tax Cut software.

Blunt Money says one big payment is not the answer.

Canadian Capitalist reports that poor 10-year stock returns is not unprecedented.

The Intelligent Speculator wonders so what if executives are using private jets?

Investing School discusses the pitfalls of dollar cost averaging.

ABCs of Investing wrote about Chasing Investment Returns and TIPS, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities


Taking Charge did a very interesting carnival of personal finance.

Carnival of Financial Planning was held at the Skilled Investor.

Little Miss Money Hacks hosted the Carnival of Money Hacks.

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