LinkStuff For July 27

Penelope Brazen writes a great blog which can sometimes be painful to read because of the things she shares.  This post about why honesty is the best policy (my title) is the most honest and painful one so far.

Money Grubbing Lawyer talks about the renovation butterfly effect.  This is when you improve one thing in your house and everything else looks like crap as a result.

Million Dollar Journey sprinkles his lawn with dividends.

The Oblivious Investor talks about closet index funds and how to avoid them.

Canadian Capitalist did a book review on Squawkfox’s 397 ways to save money.

ABCs of Investing wrote about blue chip stocks.


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3 replies on “LinkStuff For July 27”

Glad I caught this post cause it’s funny. Oh, I really like Penelope Trunk.

But now I must check out Money Grubbing Lawyer to avoid the “renovation butterfly effect” and then figure out how to “sprinkle my lawn with dividends” a la Million Dollar Journey. Perhaps those lawn dividends will help pay for those butterfly renos. 😐

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