LinkStuff For July 8

Just a few links this week since I’m not able to get on the internet much this week.

The best links

Amateur Asset Allocator says that Buffett’s record doesn’t mean that the efficient market hypothesis is wrong.

Thicken My Wallet had 2 great posts

Joe TaxPayer wrote about the Dave Ramsey debt snowball and some issues with it.  His post was inspired by my post on the topic which is pretty cool (although I think he would have written it anyways.  I would encourage the regular readers to check Joe out – his thoughts are pretty similar to Mr. Cheap and I so you might like his blog.

The rest

Money Ning will tell you how to be a millionaire.

Good Financial Cents talls us how to avoid investment fraud.

Canadian Capitalist had an interesting post on the 5 cent grocery bag levy.  Lots of comments too.

Investing School talks about diversification.

ABCs of Investing warns that not all ETFs and index funds are diversified and how different types of stock market indexes work.


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