LinkStuff For Thursday, June 10

Toronto will be hosting the G20/G8 summit towards the end of June.  It will cost a fortune to host this event and I really don’t see what the benefits are.  Many people will be inconvenienced and the only publicity the city will get will be CNN videos showing various protesters getting beaten up.

The worst example of spending is the “fake lake” being constructed for the low, low cost of only $2 million.  This lake is supposed to be a backdrop for the media.  Ironically it is being built only a few hundred metres from a “real lake” called Lake Ontario.  Bah!

The Links

Rachelle, who wrote a great post here called “The Stripper With Dirty Feet – A Tenant From Hell Story” also wrote a post over at Million Dollar Journey on “How to find the ideal tenant“.

Bruce Teague did a great evaluation of this site for me recently.  I haven’t been able to implement any of his suggestions, since I’m busy with a major project, but you should see some site changes in the near future, which were the result of his analysis.  Bruce is an internet marketing expert and helps people market their ideas, talents, and/or passions on the web.

Being Ruth put together a docu-drama in pictures, called “The Day the Cthulhus Hunted My Bunny“.  Don’t know what a Cthulhus is either?  Better go check it out.

Preet found out that the second largest mutual fund industry is in Luxembourg.

Financial Blogger says that home renovations are not a good investment.  How about an RX8?

The Oblivious Investor has a very simple way to figure out how much money you need to retire.

Debt Free Adventure attempted to answer a reader question about a rather tangled-up family business.  Unfortunately, I think this is one situation that has no answer.

The Wisdom Journal lists 10 first time home buyers mistakes.  It’s a good article because it sounds like Ron learned all of them from experience.

Canadian Capitalist says that when it comes to investing, patience is the key.  Couldn’t agree more.

The Intelligent Speculator warns about being fooled by a high dividend.


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Hey Mike,

thx for the link. As a young father, I bet you are just jealous that I convinced my wife that I could fit my 2 kids in my RX-8 ;-D (hint; it has 4 doors!)

it’s a lot of fun to drive but definitely not a good investment 😉

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